Should fast food restaurants be sued for making people fat?

  • Yes they should

    Who CARES what their choice is it gets you fat it is their choice to get that food so they could just make food by themselves like hunt and use that meat instead of GARBAGE meat. And for the nuggets just go chicken hunting make chicken nuggets YOURSELF. DID YOU GET THAT?

  • They supply the food, they don't make you fat

    With that logic, parents could be sued for buying unhealthy food. Supermarkets and processors could be sued. Hell, sue everyone because the consumer has no self control. The consumer has the choices, they need to choose the healthier option. I don't think it's the fault of the fast food survives, but the fault of the consumer. MAKE BETTER OPTIONS!

  • People make the choices

    In school we are learning how much people eat fast food in a year,months,and weeks. So we had to do an essay on should people sue fast food places. I think no because people make their own choices in what to eat and that is their fault. This is what I think

  • It's their choice.

    If the restaurants are tying people up and force feeding them unhealthy food, than yes they are to blame. But, the fact remains, they aren't. Individuals make the choice of what food they want to eat and whether or not they choose to exercise. This does not include those who are unable to exercise due to mobility issues. We, as adults, have the responsibility to choose what we eat and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. No one is forcing others to consume greasy burgers and fries. Plus, there are sometimes healthier menu options and even the number of calories listed. No excuses.

  • It's their choice

    It's the choice of the people to eat at the fast food restaurants. Do you see workers dragging people in and threatening to kill them if they don't eat their food? No! And what's sad is that many fast food restaurants have healthy choices, but do people take them? No! They pick the triple bacon burger, the large fries, and the large soda.

  • Mickey D's Didn't Force You

    People are lazy. Therefore, they want food they can get quickly and they also don't want to waste time cooking. However, they complain when they gain weight and they only think to blame the restaurants. You made the choice. Now, make the choice to make BETTER choices. Eating out should be every once in a while, not constant.

  • It's a choice, not a law to eat fast food.

    There should be no regulation or restriction on fast food. It's a choice. Do you wanna die of artery clogging, yummy saturated fat high cholesterol clogging sodium food? And fast food as well isn't to blame either. There are plenty of foods at the market and stores that are just as bad for you. It all comes down to educating your self on what you eat. In the end, you will thank yourself that you aren't a big mess that died from a severe heart attack. Also, companies wouldn't be sued anyways (unless there was a law to) because all they want is your money. You are paying to be fed harmful food. It's your fault, not that food company.

  • People have the right to chose

    People can blame fast food places for making them fat all they want but its their own fault for choosing the food they eat. They could easily grab a salad or drink water, but instead they decide to grab the biggest burger they can get with a large order of fries and and a large drink. This is my opinion.

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