• Many good reson

    My fat cousin is an astronaut he went up to space a long time ago and now the universe litterey revolves around him. My fat uncle bob came to my house he was up stairs and broke through the floor and that was a costly repair. Their so slow they walk literally 1 mile per hours and they take up the entire hall or side walk and they fart alot.

  • They are always so slow

    One time my fat uncle walked in front of the tv and i missed the whole season of south park. WHAT A FAT LARD. I told him to leave my house. It took him about 6 moths to finally get off the couch. Fat people are slowing down society. I wish i had a nickel for every time a fat person annoyed world peace. How the crap do fat people have kids. There going to suffacate there own children in the middle of birth because of all that fat. All of these lards think that they can si down where ever they want. One time i was on a bussniess trip and while i was on the plane some fat guy walked to the back of the plane to use the restroom. Then the pilots said we were experiencing air termbulance. I swear that the back of the plane sunk in mid air. Agian i say... WHAT A FAT LARD. Well i guess i did have a fat teacher in kindergarden she would talk so slow. I eventualy got sick of it and got a vacum and sucked all of the fat out of her. Unfortionely that only made it worse. Then i tried to tie her up and do lipo suction but my rope couldnt get around her fat wrists

  • They abuse health care

    Fat people abuse health care. While women are often in hospitals because of childbirth. However, fat retards make gay choices to become fat idiots and the ruin everyone elses lives. One example of this is when i was whale watching and a fat faggot got on the boat and it sunk and i lost all my money

  • When they do not care and now have got there 12 yr old over 210lbs

    Obesity is not just one person then that person condones others in the family usually there are more than one person young kids that are 11 and over 210 lbs and growing bigger every day should not be allowed 2nds and 3rds. Just play video games and eat not right, they are sick all the time,

  • Yes . . .

    ALOT of fat people abuse healthcare and take advantage of the Americans who are actually at healthy weight. If your fat, it's not anyone's fault that you are fat but your own. So if your going to use the system, for your own benefit, then you should be fined, or at least have to have food stamps to regulate or weight.

  • SOME overweight individuals should be fined:

    Understanding that some people can not help their weight, not ALL obese people should be fined. However, it is understood that some overweight people will be classified as handicapped, thus get benefits in society, and handicapped parking. How is this fair to other people who concern themselves with weight and choose a healthier lifestyle? Giving benefits to overweight people is basically an award for being lazy. Now don't get me wrong, I know some people are born with heavier genetics, disabilities, and inconveniences; but not everyone. But how could one possibly know if you are born like this, or simply lazy? Unless you went through tedious DNA testing, there's no way to tell. So I don't believe society would ever fine or reward obesity. It's simply too much work to do. So don't freak out about it because chances are, it doesn't even matter.

  • No they shouldn't.

    If fat people get fined, why not ugly people, tall people or skinny people. Perhaps fat people do have more health problems, but so do other groups. Women have more health costs because they have babies. This means that, in general, they end up in the hospital more than a man. It is unethical to fine people because they "may" have more health problems.

  • Fat people should not be fined.

    There are many reasons why people are fat. Fat people should not be fined just for being fat. Any inconveniences that are caused to more fit people are minuscule. Also, if people think that fat people are such a problem that they should be fined for it, perhaps the point should be made that fat people are taxing themselves in a way by harming their health.

  • Some just cannot help it.

    Why would you want a fat person to get fined? They cannot help it. There is medical conditions that they could have. Just because you aren't overweight doesn't mean you have to bash others that are. You are stupid to think that fat people should be fined simply because they are being themselves. Like one fat person even has a world record bet you dont

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