Should fathers like Mark Zuckerberg get more leave time from work when their family is growing?

  • Absolutely. We work to live, we don't live to work.

    It seems that our society lately has made money the driving focus. What has been forgotten is that we are humans out there living our lives. The idea that employers can't pay their employees for family care, for being sick, and even for having a child goes to show that they have become more distant from realizing that these are actual people working for them. We are not machines. Mark Zuckerberg is setting a great personal example by taking leave himself.

  • Every parrent should spend time with familly.

    No matter how busy one person is with their career, they should always make time for family , nothing is more important than family , and that is an essential time when children require both parents care , not just a mothers care . Many get lost in their careers and their lives just run in front of their eyes until it is too late.

  • No more time of for fathers like Mark Zuckerberg.

    Just because you have money, a growing family and want to be at home with the family; they should not have more time off than any other father. I feel there should be the same rules for all; even if the father has money or not. Same rules for mothers.

  • How many fathers like Mark Zuckerberg are there?

    If the question is relating to those on equal footing with Mr. Zuckerberg, the answer is no. People on that level have achieved enough wealth and control over their own situation that they can dictate the time away from the office they feel is justifiable. There is really no reason to give more leniency to the ultra wealthy.

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