Should FBI do more about fending of cyber attacks from other countries?

  • Yes, the FBI does need to more to prevent cyber attacks from other countires.

    Absolutely. The FBI needs to do all it possibly can in order to fend of cyber attacks from other countires. The U.S. has sustained several major hit this year and not much has been said as to what is being done to prevent this in the future. As some say "the best offense ifis a good defense".

  • FBI Drops Ball on Cyber Attacks

    With the 2016 election, most people have realized how much influence cyber attacks and hacking has on our country and our government. When foreign countries get involved, things become serious very fast. The FBI, from all accounts, knew of suspected attacks and hacking but chose to do nothing about it during the election and because of that, many Americans feel that the election was not fair and was rigged because of the interference of another country. The FBI was set up to protect this country and its citizens by J. Edgar Hoover who would be embarrassed by the actions of how it operates today. There is much more that they could and should do in order to regain the trust of the citizens that its failed.

  • Yes, I think so..

    Experience has shown that establishing rapport with the members translates into a greater flow of information within applicable legal boundaries, and this rapport can only be developed when FBI personnel have the necessary time and resources to focus on the program. This conduit for information results in the improved protection of the infrastructure of the U.S.

  • Every agency has their own priorities

    The FBI has their mission, and I daresay they execute it to the highest possible level. Success are perhaps not trumpeted quite as much as failures because you don't want the other party to know you've succeeded at thwarting their espionage efforts. The attacks that are blocked or reversed are the ones we don't ever hear about.

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