• I don't like it when big brother watches me.

    In the age of terrorism, I understand the need for national
    security. But, I think it is ridiculous
    that the FBI spies on millions of innocent Americans. They should be chasing criminals instead of
    watching law abiding citizens. The same
    citizens who pay for the FBI’s salary are being watched by the FBI. This doesn’t make much sense.

  • The surveillance should not be lessened

    Right now the USA is having a hard time figuring out whose cell phones to monitor. If you look at Boston and Sandy Hook Elementary, the surveillance did not help!! What are the chances that the bad people will be monitored??? Very little chance! More people need to be monitored to increase the size of the chances. Also, America isn't doing very well with security given that we have had multiple tragedies in the last 1-2 years! INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE!!!!

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