• Yes, Fentanyl is one of the most harmful drugs on the market.

    Too many Americans are addicted to opiates, largely from prescription drug abuse, and Fentanyl is one of the strongest of these medications available today. More than 1,000 Americans died from abusing the drug in 2007 alone, which is when it should have been banned by the FDA. The majority of overdose deaths are caused by prescription drugs and doctors need to stop prescribing them when they affect so many people so adversely.

  • Yes, access to Fentanyl should be non existent.

    Many dealers of street drugs have begun lacing their products with Fentanyl. The number of people who have died due to unknowingly ingesting or injecting this drug is far too high. It is my belief that if the FDA banned the use of Fentanyl, these drug dealers would no longer use it in their products because it would be too difficult to find.

  • No, but it should be more tightly regulated

    Fentanyl is strong and highly addictive, but for people in severe and serious pain, it may be their only hope of getting some relief. Any drug can be abused, especially addictive ones. It shouldn't be banned, but it should be very tightly regulated and prescribed in limited situations with very careful patient monitoring. Prescribing physicians should also be scrutinized, so if someone is prescribing Fentanyl often, he or she should have to undergo some type of review process.

  • If used safely, there are perks to using it

    The problem with Fentanyl is that it is so widely abused, therefore making it so dangerous. If doctors monitored their patients more closely and patients took the drug in accordance to the proper prescription, the drug would provide the benefits it is designed to give without killing thousands of people per year.

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