Should federal agencies make public, without charge, all scientific papers reporting on government-financed research?

  • Of course we should!

    Obviously the person who is paying for the research to be conducted should be able to see the results of the research. So, as taxpayers, we should definitely be able to see these results! It is our right as we are the ones paying for it in the first place.

  • It should go well beyond just government funded.

    Any scientific research paper that has implications on safety or health of the people should be published, period. We, and our doctors, cannot make accurate or safe choices about what medications we should or should not take when some papers are hidden because of what they reveal. Information is power and if we are going to have power over our own lives, we need to have the information, whether good or bad, about things that we are considering doing to ourselves.

  • Yes, citizens need to know.

    If the government reports all scientific papers that are technically being funded by the tax payers, then we can achieve something that is rare in society, transparency. Citizens deserve to know where their money is going. The only reason I could see to conceal something would be if the discovery is something huge such as "curing cancer" and reporting it too early may prevent the positive endgame.

  • Yes, because we paid for the research.

    If a government agency is using our tax dollars to fund and run research then, yes, we should be able to have full access to it. I understand some secrecy needs to be maintained while the process is running, but if someone wants access then it needs to be granted.

  • This should be a fundamentalism right

    As long as the tax payers are the ones who are paying the bill for this to occur, I think that the public should have every right to the research. I understand private business keeping these papers for profit, but if we the tax payers were the investors should not we be the ones who get to enjoy them. This is ridiculous that it has taken this long for our government to realize this.

  • No, some research needs to be private.

    This would be a hard line to adopt, but some research might need to be kept secretive in the interests of national security. A lot of government backed research occurs because the thing being researched has applications for the military. On the face of it, the research might appear innocuous, you might actually wonder why the government is interested at all, but most of government backed programs have some real life impacts on our future, and not all of them are altruistic.

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