Should federal funding be given to Melissa Farley's crusade for prostitution research and education?

  • Research is research.

    Prostitution is very prevalent in our world and brushing it under the rug won't make anything better. If we were to do anything about protecting the sex workers and sex slaves of prostitution we are going to need research. We need to understand the problem before we can solve it.

  • More Education Should Go Towards Reducing Prostitution

    Melissa Farley's crusade against prostitution through education has validity in contemporary society. She is right to assert that prostitution is essentially discrimination against women at the hands of men. Prostitution is evil and causes many of society's ills with sexual harassment and sexual deviation. More federal funding should go into her research to try to prevent more women from becoming prostitutes in the future.

  • A great program

    Yes, I do think that there should be federal aid given to her to help fund her different programs and studies that she has going on today. She is very active in helping out women, and can do a lot of good for the women across the nation and world.

  • Not right now

    I am all for scientific research and trying to better understand ourselves and the world around us, but this is not something that should be federally funded. They should find some sort of funding from a university or scientific group that is willing to publish and go through with this.

  • Poorly thought out

    Farley's research has been significantly accused of sampling bias, in addition to problems including a lack of transparency in how the interviews with prostitutes were conducted and how the responses were translated into statistical data, something that is pretty key when doing actual research, not just research to confirm viewpoints.

  • There are so many more important things federal funding should be used for.

    While I appreciate Melissa Farley's desire to end the sex trade, both legal and illegal, it should not be given federal funding. You can not abolish prostitution, especially in today's time with so much modern technology and even apps to find sex. It will never go away. There will always be men who want to pay for sex and women who will be willing to sell their bodies. I know it is not an easy thing to do and it is dangerous. But the truth is no matter how much money you spend to try and end it, it will never go away.

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