Should federal regulators order employers to scale back policies that limit what workers can say online?

  • Yes they should.

    An employee should have the right to say whatever he or she pleases to online, it is ridiculous that employers threaten employees with termination if they post things about their company. I think employers should not be so uptight and let their employees speak their minds, instead of having disgruntled employees.

  • No, regulators should stay out of this debate

    Federal regulators should not order employers to scale back policies that limit workers online comments. Private companies can decide to what extent their employees can discuss activities online. An employee chooses to work for that private company and therefore has to abide by that companies rules. This is not a place for federal regulation.

  • On the company's site? Yes. On a social media site? No. (unless is a threat to security)

    Employers should not have a say in what their employees post online unless it is a treat to national, state, local, or business security. I do not mean that as a blanket term, where the company can state that any negative post is a threat to the security of the company.

  • No, federal regulators should not order employees to scale back policies that limit what workers can say online.

    Anytime the federal government orders a regulation it should be narrowly tailored to fit a substantial public interest. In this case, private employers should be able to enforce policies they choose to enforce. Private enterprise has to be protected so that people are motivated to start businesses. Private employers should protect their bottom lines and images. To do so, their employees should not have free reign to discuss the companies online when such freedom could destroy a company's reputation.

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