• Yes, I think federal welfare reform should include drug-testing.

    I think drug testing welfare applicants is a good idea for two reasons, first it would weed out those who are abusing the system by using public assistance to purchase drugs and second it would be able to identify those who legitimately need help with their drug problems and could receive treatment.

  • They should quit.

    Yes, federal welfare reform should include the drug testing of applicants, because if a person wants handouts from the rest of us, they should quit using. I had to take a drug test in order to work for the government. They should have to take a drug test in order to not work for the government.

  • Testing for serious drugs

    The federal reform should include the drug testing of serious narcotics but not for simple drugs that cause little to no harm such as marijuana. If it is legal in the state then it should not be included on any type of drug test, regardless if it's for federal welfare, jobs, or anything else.

  • No, it should not.

    No, welfare reform should not include the drug testing of applicants. This was already tried in Florida and ended quickly because it was found to be a huge waste of money and failure. There were very few people "caught" being under the influence of drugs to justify the cost. It is also demeaning to the people being tested. We also shouldn't consider making someone starve if they happen to have a drug problem. They need help with food and help getting off drugs.

  • Welfare reform is a waste of taxpayers money.

    The problematic nature of welfare reform lies in the idea that people inherently "abuse" the system in return for profit. This "profit" element doesn't actually make a whole lot of sense when you think a little deeper. Welfare benefits are not substantive and surely do not guarantee any of the typical luxuries we have come to know as Americans. With this in mind, how does welfare reform help anyone? We cannot possibly believe that the small percentage of people we will catch will outweigh the massive cost expenditures to implement such a program. This program would represent a massive loss for taxpayers just to accomplish a mere ideological fallacy. There is no need to punish people who are already down on their luck as is.

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