Should felons, babys and prisoners have access to firearms?

  • YES Second Amendment

    "but what about suicidal peopl" -second amendment, It says so in the constitution to give absolutely EVERYONE's right to have instant access to a firearm. So therefore they should have access to a firearm. There are obviously more good people than bad people and people would be more afraid to instantly kill others in a blink of an eye. "but what about radical jihadists that want to go to parad-" arm those terrorists to.

    Posted by: FT
  • No it is too dangerous.

    Guns are the cause of nearly 33,00 deaths in the US. And giving something that deadly to a felon baby or prisoner one that is just stupid. They are not trustable. Why do normal citizens even need guns anyways. We should put more money and effort into having better law enforcement and hospitals to deal with violence. Rather than just more violence to fight violence.

  • Hell No. They cannot be trusted to use them responsibly.

    Give a criminal a gun, he's going to use it on someone. He's in prison for a reason. Give a baby a gun, he'll stick it in his mouth Babies stick everything in their mouths. And that won't end well at all.
    Sometimes, you have to remember that the 2nd Amendment was written back when you had barely functioning muskets that took upwards of half a minute to fire. Now we have assault weaponry that would make WW1 machine gun operators green with envy.
    Stop being blinded by 'muh freedoms' and leaen an OUNCE of common sense.

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