• It must be regulated

    I feel that people should be allowed access to firearms, however, it must be regulated. The decision of whether or not a felon should be given access to firearms largely depends on the degree of the crime that they have committed. So for instance, someone who has been known to have a mental illness, or has committed a serious crime should be prevented from being given access to firearms. I know it seems a little discriminatory, but for the best interest of the public, it is necessary that we put down guidelines that we can use to help regulate the use of guns.

    Also, I'd like to point out, that while it is necessary for us to regulate the use of firearms, even if we do, felons who are looking to commit crimes WILL find a way. Whether that be buying firearms through illegal channels, or just resorting to other types of weapons. So until we can find a way to regulate that as well, there will always be a flaw in the system.

  • The law against felons owning guns doesnt protect us at all because they are still going to get guns when theyre going to commit crimes.

    All it does is prevent people who have turned their lives around from being able to defend themselves.
    If a felon is going to do something illegal he'll get a gun anyways so why take guns away from the law abiding felons who need them to protect themselves? I think its bs

  • The felon thing is a stereotype aimed at slandering people and dignifying this insurgency.

    Felons don't exist it's a way for the minority to control the decisions of the majority. Inhumane acts of captivity. These people are infiltrators. The states control the federal but they have operated independently and assumed control that isn't theirs. People who shoot people should not own guns. Your listed as a felon and you cant vote isn't that convenient! Discriminated against obtaining certain jobs ! Yeah but sure you can go join the armed forces with a felony and get a gun . It's the federal that are the felons ! They take our right to assemble by passing laws on a federal level. I don't believe these things are even voted on . Were still under an act instated by a president that was guilty himself a traitor and still his views and values exist and condemn over religious freedom! These truths produced from narcotics are self evident that the federal governing judge people by their subtility to God and now are all judged by their skin as one people under God their works enforce a man made plan to disable through their abilities . They have underestimated the Lord "Proverbs 21:30 There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the Lord.""Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom: Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred threescore and six"

  • We can't tell who's a felon, plus a felon could have a changed heart

    There are many cases where a criminal is a changed man, and wants to do go their fellow citizens and contribute to society. Plus we cannot tell who's a felon. Besides aren't felons gonna get guns and all those things anyway. So it's not for us to say, because we can't determine.

  • No more harm no more foul

    You cant discriminate between people who can own guns and people who can't so felons who are released should be allowed to, or no one should be allowed to in general. Having a gun doesnt mean violence so until they do somehitng wrong with a gun they should have the right to own one.

  • No they should not

    Because a criminal could just get a gun anyway illegally is pathetic. A person can get heroin illegally, therefore it should be legal because criminals don't follow laws. It's really no different. "Law abiding felon" is a contradiction. If they're a felon, they're not a law abiding person. Lol. It doesn't hurt us, it makes it harder for them to get guns even though its still possible. I'm for a law against felons owning guns because the ignorant argument "they'll still get it" is as stupid as saying we shouldn't make murder illegal because "they'll still murder."

  • No... They are not to be trusted

    We are talking about criminals here. Not veterans, or the innocent. Therefore why on earth would anyone think its a good idea to give an ex-murder a gun? So he can murder someone again? No, criminals are guilty of doing something illegal and therefore are not to be trusted by society because they have done something to hurt it. Although it is something hard to regulate it still provides some prevention of a criminal being armed.

    I am not closed to the possibility that some of those ex-criminals have turned their lives around, but how many of them have not changed much at all? Even if its a minority it would still mean trouble. Arming the citizens and keeping criminals out of firearm stores is something that would help keep the peace, not arming EVERYONE.

  • No they should not.

    They should not be allowed to own guns or at least not big assault rifles. The people who should have guns are police officers, soldiers and law abiding citizens who will use their guns for protection. Guns should not be given to people who will use them to hurt other people .

  • They should not.

    To commit a felony is to fail to uphold one's end of the social contract, which means that the government is justified in curtailing certain rights for felons if it has good reason to. The fact that felons, by definition, have a history of illegal activity, combined with a high recidivism rate, means there is a qualitative difference between people who have committed felonies and people who haven't, and this is reason enough to prohibit convicted felons from owning guns.

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Seido says2014-05-23T22:55:46.050
Kinda depends on the crime. If it is something violent, then most likely no. If it wasn't, then most likely yes. That's something that should be left up to a jury of your peers during the trial.