• Even felons can vote

    There simply is no constitutional basis for the exclusion of felons from the polls. The practice is anti-democratic and discriminatory. I don't like felons anymore than the next guy, but, that doesn't mean that the law is a total fraud. It is a very effective fraud. Those who view the constitution as liberal and inclusive don't want to be in the position of defending the rights of felons.

  • Of course they should

    Democracy is about everyone in the country having the right to choose who governs it. Just because someone has committed a crime should not mean that they are denied their rights.

    This country is for felons as well and we need to be fair to them and consider their needs or we are just the same as them.

  • It's almost arbitrary to deny them this right.

    People who oppose it suggest that they should be denied the right to vote because they are irresponsible, yet they are the only class of people systematically categorized as "socially irresponsible" to the degree that they lose this right. A person can commit any number of misdemeanors and retain the right to vote, despite being arguably equally socially irresponsible. Not to mention a huge number of felonies are simply drug related charges. Not saying it's okay to break the law, but to say a person who possessed weed and a person who committed triple homicide are equally irresponsible is just wrong. Besides, the idea is that once they leave prison they are considered socially responsible again in many respects.

  • No, I don't believe they should have that right.

    When you are in prison or have committed a crime you lose a majority of rights and I believe the right to vote should be one of them. If felons were allowed to vote they may influence society in a very negative way. They could vote for politicians who aren't tough on crime or who would further their criminal agenda.

  • Felons should not be able to vote.

    Felons should not be able to vote. Voting should be allowed only for people who are socially responsible. Felons have a record of irresponsible behavior which should rightfully take away their voting privileges. The current system is correct in that it does not allow people with a felony record participate in voting.

  • No, felons should not be allowed this right.

    No, a person who commits a felony should not be allowed to vote. Voting is a right and the act of committing a felony should automatically strip a person of that right. I think we try too hard to respect the rights of prisoners and criminals. I think we need to rethink whether they should really be allowed that many rights.

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