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  • Firm support for felons' right to vote

    Okay so im in this debating class and my opponent is staring at this webpage waiting for me to expose my argument. Well, I will not but just one. Felons are just peoples like us! So they really realllly reallllllllly should get the right to vote, even if they are in jail. Thanks!

  • Yes they should

    Prisoners are allowed to vote in Maine and Vermont, and it hasn't had any negative side effects. What justification do we have to restrict felons from voting? I do not understand this system we have that traps people in a cycle of committing crimes over and over again. Well I can see how it makes corporations money.

  • The incarceration Nation

    Its likely everyone knows someone that was a felon at some point. This country jails a higher % of its people than any other nation on earth mainly because your worth money to them its that simple. Anyone that has actually been to prison has seen the extent of injustice in this country first hand. I don't think because someone did cocaine and got caught that they no longer have an opinion. If anything those people who are genuinely descent and screw up should have a louder voice because of their first hand expierence with the failures that many of our systems have. Anyone who actually believes our systems work is a fool and silencing anyone is even more foolish.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    All United States citizens deserve the right to vote if over age 18. I believe even felons should have a say. I will say, during prison time, they should not able to. But once released, they've served their time and should be able to have a say in the future of our society.

    The only exception I could see is if the felony is related to voter fraud of some sorts.

  • People make mistakes.

    Individuals who have a felony obviously went to prison and did their time; they know what they did was wrong. Prison is hell. When we release them, they are supposed to have a fresh start at life and yet we keep fundamental rights away from them. For what? To keep punishing them? It is hard enough for them to find a job and to be accepted back into communities. We wonder why 45% return to prison. Not as many people vote as it is and I don't think that the 3.2% of Americans incarcerated will really have a huge impact in voting. Are you people afraid that the 3.2% are going to take over? Come on people ,quit being so selfish and think about the families of those people incarcerated and the individuals themselves.

  • Voting isn't a privilege, it's a right.

    The only sensible argument against felons being able to vote is to punish them for their crimes. Criminal activity, however, has nothing to do with a person's status as a political actor. Not all felons are psychopaths who will push for crazy policies like legalized heroin (not like that would work anyway), some are rational human beings with sensible opinions that could benefit the country. You could accidentally hit someone on your way to work tomorrow, and you'd suddenly be a felon and not be 'deserving' of the right to vote, while still being affected by the system in every way. So rather than judging people and deciding who 'deserves' suffrage, we should remember that felons are people just as we are.

  • Absolutely No Way!

    If a felon can vote it's no longer a privilege for people who live their lives within the law daily. Voting is a right but it is also a privilege for law abiding citizens that live within the law every day. It is not to be taken lightly and should not be available to law breakers whether past or present. Voting rights should be stripped once you commit a felony. Period.

  • Felons Should NOT Be Allowed To Vote

    They felt the need to commit the crimes so they have to suffer any consequences that comes behind that , even if its not being able to vote. I Understand people makes mistakes, but for every mistake you make there's a consequence you have to deal with . Voting is a Privilege , not a Right !

  • No Felons Lost their chance!

    If someone was stupid enough, to commit a serious crime of which makes them a felon, I feel that have thrown their opportunity at having the same equal rights as ones who do not have felonies. Most people who commit crimes to me do not at all have anyones best interest at heart other than themselves.

  • No felons allowed.

    I don't think felons should be allowed to vote here in the United States. I believe it is a privilege to be able to vote and let your voice be heard. If you cannot follow the laws here, then you shouldn't be able to vote. I don't think a felon would have the country's best interest in mind while voting.

  • No you break the law you don't need to vote

    I'm sorry but if you can't play by the rules you have to lose some of your rights and freedoms one of which is voting.

    We don't need people with criminal minds to determine the fate and direction of our country we need law abiding citizens to be able to sit in the drivers seat on who is elected and what bills are passed into law.

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