• They are humans

    Felons are still humans. I know that they have abused the laws and went to jail but they should at least be able to vote. If they are able to vote, they could help keep a bad person from getting in office and keep them from running our country even more in the hole.

  • Prisoners Lose Rights When Convicted

    When a prisoner goes into the corrections system, they lose their right to freedom and their right to vote. Although they may get out of jail eventually, prisoners who knowingly break laws with heinous crimes shouldn't have the right to vote since they abused their rights as a free person in the first place.

  • Felons should not retain the right to vote.

    Felons should not retain the right to vote. If someone was properly convicted as a felon, there is no reason why they should retain the right to vote. The reason for this is because felonies are serious offenses against the law of this country. If you are a felon it shows that you do not respect the laws of the country, and therefore shouldn't have a say in those laws.

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