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  • Not now

    I do not currently think that FEMA should be defunded because of all the positive things that it has done recently, after Hurricane /storm Sandy. Before the storm, there had been talk by presidential candidate Romney that he would privatize FEMA. After this storm, I think it showed everyone that agree with Romney how wrong they were. FEMA got a bad reputation because of its poor response after Hurricane Katrina, but I think it has proven that, with good leadership and management, it can be run properly.

  • We need FEMA look at hurricane Sandy

    FEMA is something I am very grateful we have in these United States.

    The talk of defending it is abused and it just cost Mitt Romney a bunch of votes a little while ago, we need to have plans in place for when disaster strikes I am glad we are able to rely on FEMA to be there when no one else can be.

  • No we need it

    FEMA is a wonderful organization that is put together to stop the severity of natural disasters that affect our nation. When a hurricane like super storm sandy bombards our east coast, the people out there need help as soon as possible, therefore, FEMA should always remain funded. In fact, another reason to fund them is that during hurricane Katrina, they didn't have enough resources to help the people.

  • No, recent events suggest we need FEMA more than ever

    I do not believe that FEMA should be defunded because it seems that the effects of global warming are having a significant impact on our weather, resulting in larger and more frequent storms. These storms, along with earthquakes and other natural disasters can cause massive damage and displace thousands of people. FEMA is specifically designed to lend assistance in a number of different areas when these devastating events occur.

  • Agency Deserves More Funding in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

    As if Hurricane Katrina and the Joplin tornado weren't enough, now New York City is paralyzed thanks to Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath. Funding should be taken away from the military, NASA and other expensive programs and be given to the government's disaster response agency. I would even be in favor of reducing unemployment benefits, Social Security and welfare to broaden the scope of the federal government's disaster response. The government should only get involved in an emergency, not in the normal day-to-day operations of American lives.

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