• Absolutely. It utterly dismays and frustrates me that this is still going on in the world today.

    Even in countries where it has been made illegal: "Female genital mutilation was made illegal in Egypt in 2008 but is still very widely practiced. Some estimates suggest over 75% of women, Muslim and Christian, still have had the procedure in some areas of the country." This is from the BBC where I saw a clip which makes me wonder how it is possible for people to be so seriously misguided in such great numbers. Apparently, circumcision controls women's sex common sense... Oh dear, could someone please turn on the light???!!! Check out this video clip, but be warned, if you've got an ounce or two of common sense yourself, it will make your blood boil!


  • Genital Mutilation Should be Banned

    Female Genital Mutilation is disgusting, grotesque, inhumane, and purposeless. This practice should be banned for the safety and protection of woman. It is in irrational concept and goes against traditional values of what a woman should be. Furthermore, there is no circumstance where this is morally acceptable, no matter what.

  • Definitely!

    There is absolutely nothing to argue in this case. The only significant reason for this practice is a traditional, barbaric, religious one. these girls are treated as cattle by their misogynistic elders. We no longer live in such anachronistic times. This practice is inhumane, permanently scarring, humiliating, and downright aberrant. There is no medical reason for this practice, and were any on the pro side were to watch it happen, they would probably change their minds when they see how cruel it truly is.

  • Yes, this is an inhumane and cruel practice

    I believe that female genital mutilation should be banned because it is an inhumane, cruel and antiquated practice that has no place in 2012. Children should never be subjected to such a horrifying experience that is certain to scar them well into their adulthood. Those who perform this practice should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  • Female Genital Mutilation

    I have been researching this topic for school for years.
    Some people will claim that there are health benefits to FGM but the health detrimets far outweigh any health benefits. Pain Urinating, Pain during sex, Pain with childbirth including the increased need of C sections and increased infant mortality, Scarring, Infertility, Kidney damage and possible failure. This is also excluding the mental and emotional health problems. Many people will also argue that it has religious context but most religious scholars say otherwise. People will say that the women who have undergone it support it but I have found that to be far from the truth. Most of the women say they will not have their daughters go through FGM. Many of the children and women who have this done to them have it done forcefully with no anesthesia. So yes this practice should be banned

  • This is Wrong

    This should not be happening. What even is the purpose? There literally is no reason for it. And I know, I know. All of the people are for it are like, oh it's to stop people from cheating, but there is absolutely no reason for this! You shouldn't have to mutilate at important part of the human female body! This is so wrong! Everything that has anything to do with mutilation of any genitals, whether it's male circumcision or fgm, IT NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!

  • Female genital mutilation should be banned

    FGM should be banned since it is so painful and harmful. It affects the girls negatively. Females will have phyiscal, psychological, and sexual issues. They will have infections, inflammations. In some cases FGM causes death. People practice it because of religious beliefs, traditional attitudes, and to save their girls chastity. People are not aware of this bad issue and how much it is unjust. We should get off from these bad habits.

  • Yes though also for males

    Ban female AND MALE genital mutilation, eff this double standard, with women it's mutilation but for men it's a ''great religious procedure!'' no they're both mutilation and should be abolished and outlawed, males and females suffer for what is done to them without having any choice in the matter and depending in age could even traumatise them.

  • FGM must stop

    Fem causes so much pain to many women and young females around the world. The girls are awake with no antiseptic to numb the pain from the insides of there genitals being cut out of them. This isn't part of a culture its part of history thats gone on to far.. Women suffer huge amounts of pain in the following years and some end up with infections that cause death. DEATH. A practice so harsh and violent and yet they put there young children through this make them believe that they are not a women unless they themselves have been circumcised. If they do not then they are put on the same level as a whore, many parents of the children in africa etc continue to allow this to happen to "fit into society" and so that there child will be able to marry because if she is not circumcised she can not be married. On there childs wedding night the man gets a blade and cuts a women open while focusing himself inside of her. This is not right nor is it enjoyable. Women have to live there lives with pain everyday the gap in which they can allow themselves to pee can be as tiny as a match stick. Now i don't know about you but this is pure torcher and i strongly agree that FGM should be stopped due to the health issues that women will struggle with mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Its not a decision made by them its a decision made by society that every women, mother, child, daughter know is wrong and not right but they do it anyway.

  • Female genitial mutilation should be abolished

    Female genitial mutilation should be abolished because it causes physical and mental harm to the female later and it is our moral duty to help one another.Someone on the opposing side said its not our business so who let our females go through physical and mental harm.Seriously it should be abolished

  • What about male genital mutilation?

    To be quite honest, the only reason I'm saying no is because all of this is dumb. FGM does have health benefits, believe it or not. Close to the exact same reasons that men's do.

    Most people condemn FGM because it is practiced on women, and after all, to our society, we're the most important. Honestly, some actually believe it's sexist (Wikipedia says so especially, but we all know feminazis were just DYING to make up an excuse) when males are also victim!

    If MGM doesn't get banned, FGM has no rights.

    I'll GLADLY continue this if someone wants me to in the comments.

  • None of Our Business

    I find that too many people think things should be banned because they truly don't understand what they are talking about. If you have ever talked to someone who has had this procedure done, then you know that they don't fined it abhorrent at all. In fact this procedure is empowering for most females who go through. Fuambai Ahmadu actually says "regarding adverse effects (of female circumcision) do not tally with most female experiences, including her own." Ahmadu had this procedure done and had a positive outlook of it afterwards. She says it was her choice and that she wanted to have it done. The second huge argument is that we should ban it because it could cause disease, but that is just silly. We could get disease from going outside in the rain or eating raw cookie dough which are things that happen all of the time. Honestly there are plenty of cases where this does happen as well. To each country its own and we should seriously mind our own business.

  • Get to the root cause.

    Rather than just arbitrarily banning a behavior that most of the civilized world finds objectionable-- and yes, it is truly objectionable practice-- let's get to the root of the problem instead. The people who carry out this barbaric ritual are backwards sorts who would respond to any arbitrary ban on their traditions as an attack on their way of life. They should be welcomed into the civilized world with open arms-- and marched in at gunpoint if they don't want to come along-- but the root causes of this kind of barbarism should be addressed, not simply spot-fixes to make the world feel good about its current pet cause.

  • I think it's wrong, but it should be legal (in America)

    I think it's disgusting, but if the guardians want it done, they are the guardians, and it should be done. Now, if was banned (America only; no law in the African and Muslim nations would be effective any way) it might interfere with actual necessary medial surgeries. Now, I think that any man or woman who wants to change their genitals should be able to. Also, the same "health benefits" of circumcision also apply similarly to female genital mutilation. Now, again, I would personally discourage it, especially done to children, but it should be legal. I do not believe that legality should equal morality or vice versa. But could anyone reply and tell me why there's no thread on male genital mutilation?

  • Female circumcision is a choice and has benefits.

    Female circumcision (removal of the inner labia and clitoris) is popular among women who have undergone it. When done under proper medical conditions it brings similar benefits to male circumcision. A Swedish study showed that it makes birthing easier. Many women report that they prefer to be free of sexual thoughts and the desire to masturbate and that the bond with their partner is far more deeply emotional and satisfying.

  • You Can't Change Their Customs

    Female Genital Mutilation is a rite of passage that all women go through in Africa. You can't abolish it because it is a rite of passage, it's an event that females go through to their life in womanhood, like people have Bar Mitzvah as a way for a male to become a man, it's a religious passage that all males go through and you can't change that.

  • It is a cultural practice

    We should not judge others based on how different their culture is to ours. Same as we see nothing wrong with male circumcision, they see nothing wrong with female circumcision.

    Plus they've been doing it for thousands of years, if it bothered the women at all they would have stopped doing it a long time ago.

  • It's their culture

    No one around the world is telling you to stop eating Big Macs. Those things are awful for you and can cause many health problems later on in life, (and maybe some indigestion immediately afterward). If we are going to go around banning everything that might cause health problems, the world is going to be one strict place. This process has been part of this culture since WAY before anyone knew about it and even when some people knew about it, even fewer cared. This ritual is a sacred rite of passage that prepares girls for adulthood. While I'm not sure how I would feel if it were done to me, I know that if I grew up in that culture I would expect it. You cannot impose your beliefs on someone else, and this applies not only to religion and world views, but also to cultural practices. Just because you think something is weird doesn't mean you need to fix it. I am sure that some of the women in those societies (and don't call them primitive or uncivilized, that's not even true) think that European women are unclean because they haven't experienced female circumcision. It all depends on perspective and you need to try to look at this issue from every angle, not just the one that is most convenient for you.

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Quan says2013-12-29T21:47:02.603
It's already banned in my country. Male genital mutilation, however, is still common practice. Perhaps that's we should discussing banning genital mutilation in its entirety for both genders rather than just the protected gender.