• Barbaric Act Makes No Sense

    Like circumcision for men, female genital mutilation serves no real purpose except to torture young women and girls. This barbaric practice has no place in contemporary society and should be banned. Female genital mutilation amounts to torture, which is banned by the Geneva Convention, and men should be arrested and castrated for perpetuating this heinous act.

  • Without a doubt, yes

    There is a reason it is called 'mutilation'. It isn't a positive thing or in any way necessary. There are debates for both sides of male circumcision when it comes to infection and cleaning, but with females this is not such an issue. There is no pulling back skin to clean properly while in the shower if genital mutilation isn't performed to fight the risk of harmful infections in females. Female genital mutilation is nothing more than a way to force females into 'behaving themselves'.

  • Yes, it is cruel and unnecessary.

    All cultures have their own belief systems and practices that go along with those beliefs and I would say normally to leave them alone. But this practice is unnecessarily cruel to women and the reasons supporting it are superstition and nothing more. It is similar to the Chinese binding of feet that has thankfully gone out of practice. As with foot binding, genital mutilation seems to occur where women have low social status and little ability to defend themselves as a class.

  • Yes Immediately

    Female genital mutilation needs to be eradicated immediately. It is not only physically scarring to the girls body causing immediate pain followed by the threat of infections, but mental pain as well from the traumatic experience that female genital mutilation is. Most people feel that this practice is history but it happens all too often in modern day and needs to be stopped!

  • We should never mutilate people on purpose.

    Can someone please enlighten me, as well as everyone else in this debate: Exactly what are the advantages to female genital mutilation? Why is this a debate question. Is anything whose name includes the term "mutilation" ever going to be a positive thing? It's an outdated practice with no medical or cultural value, of course it should be eradicated.

  • Yes, it is torture.

    Yes, female genital mutilation should be eradicated, because it is akin to torture. Women who are mutilated suffer for the rest of their lives, and often even have problems with simple urination. People need education about this process, as well as laws put in place to end this behavior. It is unacceptable in the modern world.

  • Female Genital Mutilation Should Be Eradicated

    Yes, female genital mutilation should be eradicated. To mutilate the genitals of an unsuspecting infant or older girl is cruel. Some may say this is done in the name of religion or to protect the girl, but I might point out that the burning of "witches" was once done in the name of the same.

  • Female genital mutilation should be eradicated.

    Female genital mutilation should be eradicated because it is barbaric and inhumane. Although this practice is traditional in some societies, most modern cultures consider it a crime against humanity. Fathers should not subject their daughters to this antiquated practice. It is time for countries of the world to come together to ban female genital mutilation.

  • As Soon As Possible

    Female genital mutilation is the result of backwards cultural values and extreme cruelty. It is all about controlling women, limiting their sexuality, and punishing them in torturous ways. We should work to make this practice a thing of the past and help young women look forward to a brighter future where they can become equals in society.

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