Should female rappers or singers get plastic surgery

  • Yeah they should

    My friend Emma had a massive nose before she got her surgery and I never noticed her before even if we knew each other for 3 years. I think that nicki minaj would have more monthly listeners if she got a nosejob too! No offence but megatron was not very good. Best of luck! X

  • Sure, If they want.

    You only get one shot at this thing we call life as far as we all know, So why not live it like it? Do whatever makes you happiest. If you want plastic surgery, And you feel like it would help you, Do it. Other people and their opinions on it don't matter.

  • Trying to look good will make one more person look bad.

    You shouldn't be shy away from who you are. You look good just as you are. Spending money on all these surgeries will make a person feel unaccomplished and long for more surgeries to fix other parts of themselves to become perfect. This can be very dangerous in internet culture where young girls see these perfect women and strive more to be like them.

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