• Women’s sports should be taken more seriosuly

    Women bust their ass just as much as men and they work hard and get no recognition. Girls throw, kick, jump, run, and are very aggressive and boys do the same exact thing but get praised. Girls fight during games for the ball or whatever the object is. Girls and boys both want the same things to have fun and win hopefully.

  • Girls play hard

    Girls play as hard as boys do and we should get the same amount of support. "Like a girl" or "good for a girl" are meaningless, might as well say that girl throws like a girl is a compliment when it is! Girls are just the same as the boys.

  • Yes female sports should be taken more seriously.

    I think female sports should be taken more seriously because they are just as equal to male sports. The idea behinds sports is competition, hard work, and team work. All sports require this and no gender should be dominant as the one true sport. All genders should be treated equal and they should be treated as equals even in sports.

  • Yes. Female sports should be taken seriously.

    Yes. Female sports should be taken seriously. These ladies train and work just as hard as men do in their careers.Women have worked so hard to prove their equality to men and it's ashamed that even in this century and as far as women's rights has come there is still problems with females not being taken seriously.

  • The question is "more seriously" and the answer is no.

    There is no proble, with women playing sports. I think that everyone should strive to do what makes them happy. However, women sports when compared to the male counter parts is always slowe and less athletic. Professional women athletes could beat me with a hand tied behind their back, but they could not beat a top level college athlete. There are so,e highschool basketball teams that could beat every WNBA team. Some things are just genetic, we are different, and whether that is fair or not it is the truth.

  • Female sports are pathetic.

    They are a joke compared to Men's sports, I don't know why they even have them. Women should stick to the kitchen and stop trying to gain the same rights as men. I don't know a single person who would rather watch a female sport rather than a male game.

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PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-21T23:51:46.417
Women loves sports. It's not to act like a male because sports don't have a specific gender. It's the sexist bastards that need their balls knocked so far up they come out of their mouths. Women arnt slaves. We don't belong at home in the kitchen. We belong working outside doing construction, electrical work, plumbing. If kids are that important then have the sad stay home. Just cuz u have a kid doesn't mean the mothers dreams and education are smashed