• Of course they should

    If they want too, and they pass all of the medical requirements that need to be passed, then of course they should. I don't see why they haven't let women be allowed in combat yet, because there is no reason not too. They send men into combat when they don't want too, yet they wont let women go. What's the point in that?

  • Women should be allowed in combat.

    Women have shown their effectiveness in a wide variety of roles in the United States army, navy, marines, air force, and national guard. It is time that we thank them for this service by showing them that they are just as capable of performing combat-specific tasks as their male counterparts.

  • Yes, I think females should be allowed in combat.

    As long as the female is properly trained and has knowledge of all the basic tactics then I believe females should have the opportunity and right to participate in combat, I don't see a reason why men only should be allowed into combat when females are just as capable if not more so in certain ways to perform just as well.

  • Why the Distinction

    One would think that global opinion on the power and influence of women would have evolved enough by now for this to be a non-issue. Yes, women are on average physically weaker then their male counterparts. This is almost completely irrelevant in the modern combat landscape. If hand-to-hand combat and, say, sword fighting were still the norm for modern warfare, then the answer could conceivably be different. Anybody who is willing to die for his or her country should be allowed to do so, biology notwithstanding.

  • Give them a shot!

    I think when it comes to females being allowed in combat, I say give them a shot! I am not a very sexes person at all and truly believe there are some women out there that could very well be able to keep up with the males when it comes to combat.

  • Yes.

    I think an end goal of the women's right movement is to have the Selective Service apply to them too. In the end, it's their country too. They should be given the opportunity to fight like anyone else. Such a step would probably be one of the final steps in eliminating the glass ceiling.

  • Yes, women have equal rights these days, supposedly.

    All of the arguments that can be presented to keep women out of combat are based on outdated notions of what it is to be a woman. Women have shown themselves to be quite capable and willing and interested in what used to be considered primarily male positions, even ones that require rigorous physical exertion and putting oneself in danger. I like the previous poster's observation that in fact it is not fair to men to have women enjoy a special exemption just by virtue of the fact of being female.

  • Yes, women should be allowed in combat.

    As long as they can pass all the same testing the men are required to pass, there is no reason a woman can't be in combat. I'd even go so far as to say it's unfair to the men who serve that they can be sent into a combat situation at any time, but the women are exempt, only because they are women.

  • The efficacy of a soldier is what matters.

    As long as a person can prove that they are a good soldier who is capable of performing their duties within acceptable bounds, and is not objectionable in some other capacity, their gender, race, sexuality, belief system, and any other detail about them should not matter. And now more than ever, who makes a good soldier is far more about their ability to operate equipment rather than anything else. There is no reason a woman should not be able to serve in combat.

  • Doing so will create many issues, puts women at risk of rape

    Why do we separate men and women in prison? Because what are those men going to do to those women since they can't leave when they want and don't have wives or girlfriends in prison? They would sexually assault and rape all the women if men and women were housed in the same prisons. So unfortunately some of the men in the military will rape their female comrades as soon as they got the chance to, which will create many lawsuits, arrests, ect. It just isn't a good idea to put women with men in a scenario where the men have no female partners, as a man I'd never do so but a lot of other men would.

  • Men can do it better.

    No, female should not be allowed in combat, because men are stronger. If a man is taking prisoner of war, they are stronger and more likely to resist, or to be able to escape. We would have to expend more resources to protect the women. It is more efficient to use the women in other roles besides combat.

  • No, women should not be placed in harm's way.

    I am a very strong advocate of equal rights; however, this is the grey area that disturbs me deeply. There are several stories depicting female police officers who were overpowered by a male criminal or have even had their guns turned on them. How does this apply to combat? The question answers itself. Women should have the right to pursue the same professions males can, but the fact that women are physically different than males cannot be voided. And combat is a very physical thing. Having a smaller physique inevitably yields a higher risk of being overpowered. Enemy soldiers can more easily capture females, who will not only be subject to torture but also rape. When you are dealing with these kind of atrocities, you have to stand back and think of all the possible outcomes and embrace what is better and safer for everyone.

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