• Okay, you men may say women aren't capable of playing high school football.

    I am a 16 year old football player. Yes, I am a female on our varsity boys football team.
    I play nose guard. I am just as strong or even stronger then the majority of my team members.
    So for all you males or females saying women shouldn't be aloud to play because they're physically not fit for the team your wrong.

    Thank-you Kyhann

  • Yes they can

    My first point is that females can be just as strong, if not stronger than males. So they won’t be put in any more danger than the males. The females should play knowing that they may get injured as they could in any situation and should be willing to take the consciences of this. Men could also get injured is just a part or sport/life so they should remember that.

    Secondly people may argue that women could prosecute the males for assault if they accidentally touched them inappropriately. But they would have separate changing rooms, so nothing could happen of the pitch. On the pitch, there would be cameras so they can look thought the footage to see if it was on purpose or accidental. Women should play at their own risk of being accidentally touched. It would be very clear if it was on purpose or not.

    For my last point, it states in the declaration of human rights that men and women should have equal rights. The fact that men can play women’s sports but women can’t play men’s sports shows that we do not have equal rights in a modern society that’s supposed to be equal!

    I can’t find any real reason why females can’t play football with males. What are men afraid of? That we might be better than them? We are supposed to be in a society were sexism is wrong, but isn’t this sexist?

  • Girls are can be just as good at football.

    Girls can play football. I know this because my friend's older sister played middle linebacker at my middle school. She was one of the best linebackers our school ever had. I am a male and I play in a youth football league and I saw some girls playing as starters on their teams. There weren't any girls on my team but I wish we had though. This one time I was watching the game before mine and I saw this girl get an interception and just trucked this one so hard it hurt me.

  • Football for girls

    Girls are way more aggressive when we are in the zone playing sports. People may say its physics and psychology, but you are being sexist. Just because we have boobs and curvy, fragile-looking bodies does NOT mean we can't be tough or strong. There are all kinds of women playing sports. Football not being one of the sports we women can play is utterly wrong, and it SHOULD BE CHANGED. Yeah we girls/women have boobs and vaginas but that is no reason to keep us off the field. Do people really think that flag football would satisfy this girl? I think not. All of you out there who believe girls should not be allowed in contact sports are sexist and have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Girls are tougher than men think. Sure field hockey is a girls sport but this has nothing to do with people popping up gay. People are BORN that way FOR A REASON. This girl should be allowed to play. If you look at the womens sports you will find that MOST of them are CONTACT SPORTS.

  • Girls should be allowed to play football.

    Guys are all like, "No, girls shouldn't be allowed to play football because if they get hurt they'll just give up." Truth is, girls are way more aggressive than most guys. That's why girls can be a tackler a lot better than some guys. All the people that say girls shouldn't be allowed to play football are sexist.

  • This is a complete stereotype. I hate it.

    I know somebody already talked about this, but I have some more points to make. Saying that girls don't have what it takes, is a stereotype. They are saying no girl is strong enough when I know girls that are stronger and better at sports than all the boys. Girls may be girls, but they can still play sports. We don't all care just about our looks and keeping clean and being popular. A lot of us like to get down and dirty.

  • Obviously yes wow

    I mean if you fit the requirements why the hell not? There are some women 6 feet and over, why shouldn't they be able to play if they want to? Have you not seen female body builders? If they make the cut they should be allowed; the NFL wont let any 150 pound 5'8 weakling on a team, why the hell are you acting like they would for a girl? If a girl is is tall fast and as strong as a man why shouldn't they let her? One of the tallest women is 7'2 and she plays basketball, do you think she's not strong, fast, and obviously tall?

  • Girls play football.

    I strongly believe that girls should be able to play sports that men play because, well us women pick up the slack for the men. I mean we do clean house and cook dinner for them. We deserve to have equal rights in sports like the NFL. Us women are just as strong as men. We carry around a baby for 9 months and then give birth. SO you men out there reading this, should think about it. You would not be able to carry a baby for 9 months And give birth! Us women are strong. We are strong enough to do anything.

  • If they have what it takes

    Women and men should be treated equally in this aspect. A woman with the talent of RG3 should be treated as such just like a man with no talent at all should be treated like a woman with no talent. It all comes down to ability. If the woman thinks she can take the tackles, then who can tell her she can't?

  • There is no law that says that girls are not allowed to play soccer right?

    So why not? I have seen girls playing soccer both by youtube and google searches. It is possible but i do not understand why parents dislike girls to play soccer... Anyway even if girls play soccer, it is not wrong, they have the rights to choose what they want to do right?

  • No

    It's not a female sport, there is no place for women. Men are physically superior to women. They would bring the value of the team down. What happens when she gets hit? She could possibly die from the impact because women have such small frames. There isn't a woman out there built like a line backer. Even people there size get injured. Women are more emotional than guys and they'll be intimidated. The mental aspect is just as important as the physical aspect. They will break down most certainly. Other guys will not want to play against her for fear of losing to a girl OR their morals. What guy do you know wouldn't have a problem tackling a girl? Come on now be realistic. It would destroy the sport entirely. What sports have better ratings? The male sports or the female sports? Look at women's baseball and basketball. It's not watched, nobody watches it.

  • Men don't bleed from their penis

    Imagine having an important league finals match, and the teams best players had their periods in sync, so half the team would not attend the match, and the game would ruined.
    Also, if we aren't allowed on softball and beach volleyball teams, they aren't allowed on basketball, football and The NFL.

  • They are terrible at it

    Nope, every girl I have ever seen play football just makes football look bad, even the professionals. They are scared of tackles and the goalkeepers are scared of the ball. I honestly believe me and my mates could beat a professional team. They all have a first touch like a baby Elephant.


  • It would mess up the game

    Boys can't hit girls. If a girl is playing, since boys can't hit her, the game is not fair. If a girl does get tackled, boys weigh a lot more and the girl could be injured. Girls have their own sports. They don't need to play football. One good hit will send them to the hospital with injuries that would ruin their lives. Or end them.

  • Too physical for girls.

    As a football player we take hard hits. When girls play soccer they still get concussions. Imagine taking a hit from a guy twice the size of you. Then girls will now that they should give up on there dream of being a football star and make me a sandwich.

  • Really?

    I would love to see a high school girl even try to make the first 2 weeks of training camp. When I hear this argument all I can do is laugh. Also if I still played football, I and along with probably every other guy on the team would be going after the girl more than anyone else, because for anyone who has ever played football (guessing the two other people that commented for "yes" have not) does not want girls to have anything to do wit it. It is a mans game and kudos for a girl wanting to try but lets be serious here.

  • Boys should play girls softball then

    Just because a girl CAN play football doesnt mean she should. A boy can play softball so why can't he be on a girls team? Girls have their sports and so do boys and we should leave it at that. Just think about it, why aren't there any females in the NFL?

  • No

    Women are not physically prepared for what it takes to be a football player, being a football player I know that it takes both mental and physical toughness. And I know for a fact it only takes one hit from Raven's Line Backer Ray Lewis to make a girl want to sit the sidelines for the rest of the game. Maybe we could put them up against Panther's reciever Steve Smith, easy fantasy points for him. All I'm saying is that they could not withstand the physical punishment football puts on people.

  • No I am a female.

    I am a female who believes that although they should be given the opportunity I do not believe that it is "smart" for females to play football. However if females can fight alongside men in combat rolls, then they should be at least given the opportunity to attempt to play a sport that was invented by men and still today this day a men dominated sport for a reason. If we were meant to play football, then there would be female leagues and teams.

  • In South Africa a while back girls were going on about playing rugby

    Girls should not be able to play rugby or football because when we put them to the test they wouldnt stop crying and they couldnt throw as far, run as far, catch as good, and some couldnt even fit into their gear. Now I understand what you girls are thinking. Girls should be able to play a football object game but not play with boys. Just like baseball they made a irl version, softball. No matter what kind of helmet you build it just wont be able to protect a girl.

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Anonymous says2013-04-05T18:00:13.500
I think girls should be able to play football because girls are just as capable of playing a vigeras sport
Ryuuikari says2014-01-19T22:36:32.167
I'm from the UK so I'm not sure... Is this question referring to American Football or English Football (a.K.A. Soccer) ??
PlumberGirl123 says2014-07-22T00:23:43.977
Girls can definitely play football. I love football it is my favorite sport. I can throw pretty nice and I like being aggressive. I have tackled guys before. It's a sport not a sport that has a gender written on it.
Boys that think women belong at home need some serious medical help. Like u need to be out in solitary confinement with restraints on you. I don't make food but I can cut ur balls off and shove them down ur throat
aham2013 says2016-05-10T17:54:11.357
aham2013 says2016-05-10T17:54:55.817
This is poop. It is so unfair to girls. You all suck