Should females continued to be allowed to be in the US Military?

Asked by: Aleodragoonheart
  • Fenales are just as capable as men in the military.

    Just because a female may not be able to lift the same physical load a man can does not mean she is any less accurate with a gun. Barring a woman from the military is unfair and unjust and perpetuates the inequality of the sexes. A woman is just as mentally equipped as a man receives the same treatment. Just because a woman says she "doesn't feel like" lifting a heavy box or something should not prevent her from fighting for and protecting our country.

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  • I honestly do not believe they should from personnel experience.

    Being part of the military at one point in my life, i have seen my fair share of inequality. I have seen time and time again where Males had to pick up the work load for the Females because "They couldn't do it" or "didn't want to do it", and resulting in the Female getting credit, better evaluations, time off, and other various rewards for performing absolutely nothing.

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