• Yes, females should know how to cook food.

    Females along with every other human should know how to cook. It is more a traditional roll for the stay at home mom to cook but a female working full time should also know how to cook just in case a situation ever arose and she had to cook because she could not get a meal already prepared.

  • Yes, females should know how to cook food

    Females AND males should learn and know how to cook food. This is not a gender specific issue. Yes, our society has evolved with the female being the primary homemaker and the male the breadwinner. But these factors are changing, for better for for worse. Couples are getting married later, so men are independent longer, and gay couples are on the increase. These and other factors require the need for all to know the basics in the kitchen.

  • YES!

    It is engrained into a female's code to be the nurturer. Always has been, always will be like this. As a nurterer one needs to understand how to provide care and protection. Being able to provide food is a key component. Nothing more nurturing than a mother cooking for her family.

  • Everyone Should Know How To Cook

    I think that everyone, and that includes females, should know how to cook. Cooking is a skill everyone should learn at some point. You cannot rely on eating out all the time. It is both unhealthy and expensive. Females that learn how to cook are helping themselves in a big way.

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