• Equality is needed.

    Right. I'm only 13 and not very clever but one thing I know is that men and women have the same rights. If men are allowed then women should be too . It's not fair men get to do a lot but women don't get to do them because they are famale

  • Yes, females should be able to servo on the front line.

    I believe that females should be allowed to serve on the front line the same as a man. They are naturally more kind hearted then men, but if the female has passed through all of the required hurdles that men normally have to in training then they should be allowed to perform the job too.

  • Females should be allowed to serve in any capacity that they are qualified for.

    I will come under fire from my army buddies for this opinion but I believe that females should be allowed to serve wherever they are qualified. If a female soldier is physically and mentally capable of serving on the front line, it is against my code of ethics to refuse her because of some misguided form of sexism.

  • I don't think so

    The phi call strength in a male body is much greater then female I most often case and I would not want to go to war and when the draft comes back and female can there gonadotropin complain agin and only 2 female have passed army test the easiest test

  • Female is weaker

    Female is weaker then male in most circumstances. Yup, female can be as strong as men, but most can't. Front line conditions are bad. Even if the female soldier is as strong as male physically, they might not be able to deal with the poor hygienic conditions and psychological difficulties of seeing other soldiers die in a horrible way, or seeing the enemy in front of her but is not brutal enough to shoot him. Moreover, in case if a female soldier is down, no way to be saved, and there is a male soldier injured but will die if not treated soon, the team medic might keep trying to save the female soldier (for whatever reason he is thinking), but not helping the injured male out.

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