• Modern day feminism is a sorry excuse for supremacy

    Today's feminism is all about shunning men and praising women for nearly everything. Women already are legally equal to men and have been for years but apparently this isn't good enough. Modern day feminism is about supremacy of women and suppressing men. This is just the same as white supremacy which is a criminal offence yet feminism is not. This needs to be changed now.

  • Yes feminism should be illegal

    Women are big girls and can't be taken seriously.
    Ive just had to watch a female ref take a selfie on pitch during a match, Never happened before and shouldnt happen again.
    Their narcissistic obsession with them selves turns my stomache.
    They are physically and mentally weak/inferior to men and i won't be bullied into excepting femenisim for sake of pc fashion.
    In every professional field that women have entered they have needed support beyond any given to their male counterparts. Female police officers and soldiers are especially pathetic.
    Femenisim has undermined everything men have achieved.

  • Kind of yes

    Feminism as a whole isn't bad I understand that women want equal rights but let's face it do we really not have them already? What I think should be a crime is the extreme feminism that means accusing man of rape and by that ruining their life because nowadays feminism is a movement that has a purpose of having more beneficial rights reserved for women and not for man yes women were treated like shit back in 19th and 20th century but now they have in some cases more rights than man all it takes for a man to go to prison is simply a made up story of how he raped someone and that's it man's lives are ruined by feminism every day and if a feminist gets elected a president you better not be white and straight because then you'll probably face a death penalty aka feminists want slavery for white males
    So yes it should be a crime

  • Hold on I’m not done.

    I don’t think Feminsm should be illegal but I also don’t agree with it. Why are we spending so much time on a place, America, Where men and women already have equal rights when there are place around the world where women are forced to walk behind their husbands and are forced to cover themselves. That Is where Feminsm should be focused. We as Americans should stop complaining, Be the bigger person, And help the people who need it.

  • Read all of this

    I put this in the "yes" category because I don't think feminism should be illegal BUT I have standards, So I'm neutral and I put it here so people could see it.
    1. I don't think a mere ideology should be outlawed, BUT if the stated ideology is devoted to brainwashing men, And I am a man so I don't want it. A state of mind is good, A state of mind that demeans others is also good, But taking the demeaning ideology and putting it into practice, Bad.
    2. Extremists, Just lock them up, And by extremists I mean like the people who hit people with wrenches and stuff.

  • Yes and here's why

    Feminism and all the new age stuff is all about the erosion of the male identity and masculinity. They want you to be a weak effiminate "man" who is easily controlled. White people are hated everywhere for everything, Even by people who are white themselves. Eventually there will be nothing but cuckolds and soyboy manchildren who spend their days playing games whilst the wife has fun with Tyrone.
    I see nothing wrong with feminism when it first started as women do deserve rights, I just think its turned into a ludicrous group now.

  • Feminism is getting out of control- the definition is sadly quite far from the truth.

    The overwhelming waves of feminism has created many issues. In workplaces, A woman with less talent and ability compared to a man will be chosen over the man, Due to a few reasons: a) the outcry that will occur from this action and b) pressure to always show an 'equal environment', Even when this means shunning potentially greater minds.
    Because of this preferential treatment, The number of people taking advantage of this has grown. Fake rape accusations have ruined many lives, And even when these accusations are proven wrong- nothing really changes.
    What should have been a positive towards female culture has also created downfalls in male culture. Expectations for men have increased to the point that one sees articles that shun 'dumb men' for saying anything that fits this continuously changing 'dumb men' stereotype.
    Feminism should be pushes in places of inequality for equality, Not places of equality for superiority. And yet it's been pushed too far.

  • Feminism is NOT Bad

    It is ridiculous to even think of making feminism a crime. That's like saying we should make smoking a crime. It's a lifestyle. I AM A FEMINIST AND I LOVE IT. IT IS IN NO WAY A CRIME. PEOPLE WHO THINK SO, I WOULD LIKE TO SEE FROM YOUR POINT OF VIEW BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO GET MY HEAD THAT FAR UP MY ASS

  • Today's modern feminism

    I personally do not think that the way feminism is moving today is good, Because I believe that women are trying to take all the power from males. Although I am all for equal jobs and pay, Nobody should try to argue that a singular person should be paid more or equal to another. Also most big company owners are male. The majority of these people make a lot of money. If more women can find away into these roles as well as men being there too, The average pay between male and females would go up. In the end though, We just need to work together and find common ground. Note I am only on the no side because it goes against the constitution to restrict one's beliefs and speech.

  • Censorship makes society inherently stupid

    Ideas that are suppressed by a government entity exist only to benefit that government, Whether if it is "for the people" or to stop anyone from diverting away from the idea that suggests government is always right. If you oppose the right to speak about anything, You oppose diversity of thought and you only wish to protect possibly intellectually dishonest speech.

  • Feminism is quite frankly not what it used to be

    But this is not a valid reason to ban an opinion or viewpoint, No viewpoint should ever be seen as a criminal offence as that would be a violation of a basic human right and no one should be arrested for the thoughts in their head; yes even nazis and communists should be allowed to have their opinions as bad opinions die out through simple debate

  • Feminism is supporting a human right

    Being a feminist isn’t being a criminal, Do you think that standing up for what you know is a right everyone deserves is a crime? This is modern time people! Not the 1900s, Woman’s fought for that right for a long time now, And now people are just gonna say that that standing up for something that was fought for equality for women. Supporting something right isn’t a crime.
    Although, I am very aware of people misinterpretation for the meaning of “Feminist” And it is wrong, But being a feminist isn’t wrong.
    Just like how supporting Trump isn’t a crime, Supporting Hillary isn’t a crime, Supporting whatever you want is your right.

    Posted by: Idle
  • Personal disagreement=/=feminism should be outlawed

    Having a disagreement of a movement doesn't mean one should be outlawed. People are free to express opinions, Even if you don't like it. Freedom speech is protected by every person. The only way feminism should be outlawed if they promote physical harm, Breaking laws, Put society endanger, Like mobs and gangs run. Feminism doesn't do this.

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  • Feminism is in no way should become illegal.

    Just because you don't like the idea of women standing up for themselves and fighting for greater rights and liberities, In no way should allow you to make their actions illegal. The Constitution protects people's right to hold ideas and beliefs that might contradict with other ideologies. If you don't like it you're free to leave.

  • How could it be in a free society?

    How in a free society would this be considered constitutional? Even if you consider feminism destructive to traditional values, Traditionally under the constitution unpopular ideas are allowed to be discussed, This is the most un american thing i have heard, It should be illegal to even suggest it! In a free society un popular ideas are allowed.

  • No. It would be against free speech.

    I myself am not a feminist as I believe it has devolved into a male 'hating' group that has labelled men as essentially beasts by implying a good portion of men support a mythical 'rape culture' by saying 250 out of every 1000 women are raped or sexually harassed when actually polls more accurately show it is 6/1000.
    Furthermore it has discouraged marriage or child rearing saying it is almost 'criminal' to have children as it stunts a woman's career and has helped driven single motherhood among white communities to 40% and 70% among blacks.
    Also it has embellished a belief that there is a 'white patriarchy' keeping every woman down. Which is a myth and is used to drum up anger and support.
    The wage gap is exaggerated, Though it does exist in some places.
    Feminist's say they stand for gender equality, Which is not true. Instead it stands for promoting just women, Which isn't bad and should be encouraged, But so far it has resulted in a collection of like minded radical feminists that has blamed men for all their problems.

    Anyway, Feminism should not be criminalised as it goes against free speech and those that support making it a criminal offence are just the same as radical feminists who are the equivalent of fascists that try to attack and quash the opinions of others.

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Leaning says2018-11-06T06:04:28.290
@women_are_mere_objects. . . . User name kind of takes away from your argument a bit.

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