• Supports the killing and hatred of men

    And no, unlike the user above wives treating husbands like crap is sorta a bit out of wax. If there's a cause for those things it has to do with immorality in general. Seriously, since WTF is feminism responsible for irresponsible, violent, unfaithful men. When does feminism make a man unfaithful? Like WTF? That doesn't make sense, naturally. Feminism can only be that women wanna kill or hate men.
    The thing with money from a man during marriage is gold digging, not feminism, which is a major problem that has nothing to do with feminism.
    Feminism is different from that. All those issues have more to do with immorality than feminism. Like come on, a kindegartener knows that, huh!

  • Yes, it is destroying society

    Results on the ground: Sharp rise in gay men, immature men, insecure men, violent men, irresponsible men & unfaithful men.

    The same woman that’s supposed to be guarded & provided for is the same woman that disrespects her man. The same woman that wants gender equality is the same woman that can’t fix her car tire… the same woman that wants to be loved by her faithful husband is the same woman that treats him like a stranger by using the ‘feminism shield’ to argue out her cases against her lover & her best friend.

    Results on the ground: Disrespect of husbands & dethroning of the man as head of the household based on her ability to provide more...

  • Equality does not exist.

    No religion, law, or philosophy believes that equality exists. Science has proven that equality does not exist. All religions teach that men and women are different in mind, body, and spirit. Feminism is a false religion concocted as a means to control men in order to pacify them and control women in order to turn them into corporate slaves and masculine childless psych-med addicts. These are all steps taken so that a one-world government can be placed over what has traditionally been tribal nationalistic warring nation-states. Once a one-world government is established all percieved problems will supposedly be solved, and according to the feminist religion these problems include women having any responsibility or accountability whatsoever. In other words women are seeking to absolve themselves from all consequences for all actions and to radically liberate themselves from physical and human bounds. They will not stop until they are free to be whatever they want despite psychology, nature, physics, or anything. This is radical liberty: an escape from humanity and the physical cosmos and entrance into the divine; a transcendence; transhumanism; a utopian fantasy.

    Feminism should be banned because it is going to result in the destruction of the entire human race as they seek to dehumanize all peoples in every culture as part of their agenda to radically liberate themselves from reality.

    Note that many men support feminism and the radical liberation from reality.

    Note that the ultimate liberation from the constraints of reality is DEATH and SELF ANNIHILATION.

    Therefore feminism is a religion of self annihilation.

  • They say they want equality, but don't want true equality.

    Feminists say they want equality but what they really try to get is invincibility. Feminists want more rights than men, they want to take over society. They think even if a woman hits a man, the man can't hit back, you can find YouTube videos of this. That's not equality, thats invincibility for the female.

  • Yes but not feminism. Feminazis rather....They need their asses kicked.

    There is plenty of rape and torture for women in lesser developed cities. They would really appreciate the help to be freed of such degradation.

    The problem now is in cities. Mostly in well developed cities. This feminism movement is hijacked by these feminazis. Who have a world view where men are inferior to women. Go figure their logic about equal rights when it is not equal.

    They expect women to be over men. Now no matter how hard they try it won't happen. Simply because men are not going to suck it up and say yes. Let's face it politics is run mostly by men. So there is no chance of that. Secondly, I mean so you throw men into the pit that women were once in and how is that progress?

    These feminazis would turn anything and everything into something that men are using to degrade women. They expect chivalry and at the same time ridicule it. An act of chivalry say opening a door for ladies. Suddenly can be ridiculed to say, men look down upon females and open doors for them because they perceive women in capable of opening doors on their own. It is utterly ridiculous with these feminazis.

    They then use every excuse in their arsenal to justify a degrading act done by a women to a men. If the judgement is passed in favour of the men. Such as the woman was abusing the man. They bark and make a fuss saying it is male discrimination all over again.

    These feminazis are who we want to have their teeth knocked out of their jaws. Feminisits on the hand who fight for genuine female discrimination are fine. I like women, I think they should be happy. As honestly, when they are happy you tend to get happy too. If you know what I mean?

  • They always say wrong things.

    No feminism in the word doesn't mean equality it means women over men. Also women don't make less then men so if you say " women need equality because we have less right then men." Your just plain wrong I guess feminism used to be useful in women's suffrage but not anymore.

  • No, there isn't a way to ban it.

    You can't ban it. People can say they are feminists if they want. To say that the concept of feminism cannot be talked about, and that people cannot be feminists (which is what I assume "banning" would be) would violate people's freedom of expression. So no, it should not, and cannot, be banned.

  • Even though a little of something is important Feminism should go away now

    Feminism seemed to be important for single women with children that needed jobs. Under male dominant executive control it wasn't easy for them. There are laws like the Civil Rights act of 1964 that do protect them from discrimination now. Many executive positions are held by women and they dominate University admissions over men now. Nowadays Feminism is working on the most asinine projects and have some really foul disgusting ideas.

  • I want to be free to express my heterosexuality as much as homosexual's are allowed without fear of being called a mysogonist pig.

    It seems the modern movement of feminism aims to remove the standing view on sexuality, and replace it with one that suits them. A sexuality that oppresses the heterosexual male's freedom to express his sexuality. If feminists continue to mould our society's view on sexuality into one of such oppression and segregation, then I fear our children will not see a future of equality, but a future of segregation. Something that we have worked so hard to end, will be brought forth once again by these misguided "activists".

  • Feminism hurts women more than it helps anybody.

    -Since the 1970's, female happiness has gone down.
    -Men are dropping out of society at alarming rates.
    -Feminist continue to repeat blatantly wrong statistics like "1 in 5 women get raped" and "women make 70% of what a man makes"
    -For all their talk of equality, people who talk about men's problems get shouted down as sexist pigs. I have seen much more evidence that feminism is female chauvinism rather than any real movement to equality.

  • What a strange and desperate thing to say.

    No, we definitely shouldn't "ban" feminism. Giving another human being equal rights isn't something that should ever be lost upon us, if it is, we're falling drastically backwards in morality and advancement.

    This opinion sounds almost like it's coming from a staunchly religious point of view. Outdated laws from insecure iron age men.

    Suggesting that women must remain "in their place" or some such nonsense, implying that a woman should submit to the whims of someone else, simply because they had the *misfortune* of being born a woman.

    A man is not a woman's master, and she is not his property. Any guy who is so void of confidence and terrified of giving a woman equal footing would naturally be inclined to keep them locked in the house, suggest they hide their faces and socially manipulate them into thinking that rape, forced marriages, being denied an education, or physical punishment for having the guts to challenge a man is perfectly acceptable.

    These actions serve to convince women that they are, in fact, property, that the world naturally favors men, and speaking out is dangerous, if not fatal.

    No. The rest of us seek to put everyone on equal ground, to stop the human rights abuses, and grant women in every country freedom to educate themselves, and be free from the tyranny of poorly endowed men.

    This ignorance can no longer be tolerated, and the ignorant are running out of places to hide in.

  • This is an offence to all women

    As a Muslim, feminism is not only an act of social equality and justice, it is a religious obligation, so to see that this question has been posted by a fellow Muslim is an embarrassment to the religion of Islam.

    I'll begin by pointing something out. My mother, who is a single parent, has looked after me and my siblings for the better part of a decade and I love her for it. Had she not been given the same rights as men, the rights she deserves, we wouldn't be where we are now, not in a fancy house, not with a fancy car, but with happiness and freedom.

    Islam teaches us that women are equal to men. It mentions it many times in the Qur'an, one verse in particular I have written below;

    'Their Lord responded to them: "I never fail to reward any worker among you for any work you do, be you male or female - you are equal to one another. Thus, those who immigrate, and get evicted from their homes, and are persecuted because of Me, and fight and get killed, I will surely remit their sins and admit them into gardens with flowing streams."' (3:195)

    So if in the eyes of God, if you believe in Him or not, all men and women are equal, then no-one in their right mind can believe that men and women not be equal.

    Posted by: zaen
  • Equality for All.

    First off, I have never encountered a rational argument against equality, self determination, and reproductive choice. I have very little confidence that I ever will.

    Secondly, the First Amendment protects freedom of speech. Freedom means people will choose and say things you don't like. That's the deal. No one's opinion should be banned, not even crappy ones like of the proponent of this question.

    Perhaps one day, there will be true equality and social justice, and there will be no more need for feminism. But, given the income gap, the rape culture, the social shaming of female sexuality, and the perpetual harassment and objectification endured by our sisters, daughters, and mothers, feminism is what we need right now.

  • That is violating the right to assemble

    Yes the feminists are an annoying bunch that really are giving many people unnecessary headaches, but it is in the bill of rights that all have the right to assemble. Banning feminism goes against the bill of rights (which is bound to piss off many Americans) and restricts freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is now part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and is therefore it is now a right given to people worldwide (mostly).

    Disrespecting human rights is despicable on every level. Only the most desperate, crazy, or downright evil/greedy would do such a thing. How would you like it if you protested against some political point of view you hated and some random guy came up to you (followed by a band of riot cops) "you cant protest against that anymore because... I dont like you doing so and I banned it!"

    Would you feel so free? NO! So banning ANY political protest should be a big no-no.

  • It is an idea that has become tarnished.

    I believe in equality between genders. I also believe this does not necessarily require man and woman to be treated the same. Men and women have different interests and, like it or not, body capabilities. For example in the Olympics if men and women were to compete together, on average, men would do better in most events. This would be being "treated the same", but would not be equality.
    For many feminism has warped into "women are better than men" and "men are bad". This is not the ideals of many (men and women) who want women, in the few cases where this is not the happening, to be treated equally.

    By the way men can be feminists as well.

    Posted by: Clam
  • Feminism not Matriarchy

    Feminism is the belief that women and men should have equal rights. All objections to this are simply sexist because there's absolutely no reason why women shouldn't have the same rights as men. Most people mix up feminism and matriarchy. Matriarchy is the belief in a society ruled by women. Last time I checked, that's not what this article is about.

  • Is there a particular reason why you would?

    Feminism has many goals, but to put it simply, it fights for women to be treated politically, economically, socially equal to men. I don't know why someone would be so vehemently against that, other than because they are a complete misogynist. If the world is still filled with people who think women don't deserve to be treated equally, we still need feminism. Sorry broski.

  • Telling others how to live...This should be banned.

    Society does not move backwards. Those days of men dominating women are long gone and never coming back. If a submissive woman is what you are looking for, I'm sure there are plenty still out there. But those of us who are liberal and strong have every right to be. You can't "ban" a movement and expect the whole world to follow suit.
    People live how they want and will continue to do so as long as the Earth spins. Nice try though.

  • I am so offended. Disclaimer: I do acknowledge the extremists are a problem but...

    True feminism supports equality. That includes men. Yes, I would like to be paid as much, yes, I would like to be able to have short hair and not wear makeup and still be treated the same, yes, I would like to live in a sociaty that doesn't degrade me. That said, I would also like men to be allowed to wear make up, and I would like men to be able to cry without criticism, and I would like to see a man able to truly hug another in the same way two female friends would, without being called gay. While it's true I want my equality, that's all I want. It's not threatening a mans right to fit perfectly into his gender role, or a woman's right to fit perfectly into hers, it's simply asking for my right to chose weather or not I wish to lead my life that way. Femenazi is a completely degrading term, to every gender. We simply want to be equal. And that's an inevitable fight.

  • Six Simple Words

    PREJUDICE IS SOMETHING YOU CANNOT CONTROL. Period. Freedom of Speech is a right guaranteed by the United States. Anybody is allowed to believe whatever they want to believe. I'm not saying this just because I'm a male. Seriously, though. You can't stop a person and their thoughts. That's what I think.

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Scubaduff says2015-05-09T02:53:52.260
Not banned but feminism in its current, "approved" form should be laughed at and mocked for its "jumped the shark" irrelevance and silliness.