Should Feminism be considered an ideology? (Should there be an "ism" attached...?)

Asked by: ben2974
  • Yes it should.

    Per oxforddictionaries. Com, an ideology is "(plural ideologies) A system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy" and a political theory has to do with power relations among people. Without the interpretation of power dynamics between men and women, feminism has no backing. Without the belief that women are disadvantaged, feminism has no backing. Without the belief that advocacy can change this, feminism has no backing. It is an ideology, plain and simple.

  • Does wanting equality in something that is an unfair ideology anything other than an ideology?

    I'm not saying that women don't deserve to be equal just that there is no such thing as the possibility of equality in economic systems. Capitalism is especially stratifying and all the feminist movement did was flood the potential workforce keeping wages down. This resulted in a need for both parents to work in order to support their family instead of one care give being dedicated to childcare. I don't think it matters whether the care giver is father or mother but neither is obviously not ideal. Is feminism and ideology? I don't know what isn't an ideology in an absurd world.

  • Dictionary definition of ideology: "the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group."

    If an ideology espouses equality (whether it be absolute equality, equality through merit, etc, addressing socialist equality or liberal equality among others), it is inherently addressing the issue that feminists look to fix, which is to create a society where men and women are equal in all cases, in every respect. Equal. Equal. Equal. If you are equal there is no patriarchy. There is no real difference in wage. There is no difference in social treatment. There is no difference in ANYTHING. I'm saying that IDEALLY, or in theory, when an ideology like liberalism or socialism advocates equality, by definition of the term, feminism falls under its umbrella.
    If you abide by an ideology that advocates equality, then I don't see why it's necessary to make up a dumb separate branch to focus more on a single question that is already answered with an overarching set of ideals. Believing in equality is believing in equality. I honestly do not see how there is anything else to it.

    And, in order for feminism to be defined as an ideology, it must fulfill the description in my headline. From what I understand, Feminism fails to act as a "body of doctrine" as it only discusses a single issue which cannot in and of itself be applied to other various discourse. That is, feminism doesn't have a set of ideas that would dictate how controversy should be approached (e.G, solving moral dilemmas using a feminist approach is impossible).

    Feminism is like a sub-ideology, just like Nationalism.

  • No, it should be considered a reality.

    We as human beings don't call Men's Rights an ideology. It's not a belief, it's something that assumed, like the sun rising in the east. To call Feminism an "ideology", that is to say, a belief, devalues the entire point of the movement. Female equal rights and social status should be a given, just as it is for men. The fact that this is even in question is probably making Susan B. Anthony roll over in her grave.

    I'll take a quote from a Morgan Freeman interview regarding racism: "How do we combat racism?" "Stop talking about it"

    The same is true of feminism. If we move past this idiotic idea that it's some thing that needs to be defined and categorized like some sort of abnormality, and start treating women across the planet as equal to men, then the "ism" is of no consequence.

  • No it can:

    Get annoying really quick when over used in the wrong way. Just like Racism it should always be handled case by case because you'll always have people on the other side. We don't need Marches, Mass random media attention women groups giving rallies to the public from who ever is listening just for the hell of it.

    If you want to protest a certain issue like the tiny pay gap that racist (and statistically always will 50:50 would be mathematically impossible considered the 100s of millions in the work force. Statistically speaking ONLY a man or WOMEN can be making more. The gap is very tiny so even this issue I feel should be handled case by case in your own work place proving your skills not sex.

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