• A TRUE independent woman DOES NOT NEED FEMINISM

    A TRUE independent woman does not need to LABEL herself at all. When you label yourself, you LOSE your individuality. If you need to label yourself a feminist to prove you're independent, you are NOT that independent at all.

    The only people in the West that "need" feminism are WEAK MINDED INDIVIDUALS.

    Plus THIRD WAVE feminism is more about getting a leg up on men, and being triggered over lame crap like a man saying his name is Hugh Mungus and Manspreading than REAL issues, not about EQUALITY...

    When times change ideologies change as well, there is no mention of gassing Jews in the official dictionary definition of national socialism either, so I guess that means it's OK to be a Neo-Nazi too, by that logic.

    MODERN feminism is about as much about "gender equality" as the KKK are about racial equality.

    If it is about equality, why does MODERN feminism give women MORE rights than men in custody and divorce hearings, even if the mother is an IV drug user?



  • The definition of feminism and what feminist actually preach are completely opposite. Therefore it should be considered prejudice.

    I believe that feminist often blame men for their problems, and rather than blaming themselves for what they have. They tend to make up lies about not having equal pay as men, gender discrimination, and all this other nonsense. When in actuality a pay gap does exist but its because of life choices rather than discrimination.

  • See other side

    I have repeatedly proven that the wage gap is very small to nonexistent and mostly the fault of women. I have shown that there is no rape culture, proven that there is no patriarchy, and many many many other feminist claims. They are unbiased and the fact that feminists deny the fact that abuse of men is as prevalent, or more, than women.

  • Feminism is no longer used to promote equality, but merely make women a protected class.

    While the dictionary definition of the word feminism may define it as the belief system that both genders are equal, in fact, it used to be that way, but now it has a completely different meaning. Women ARE equal in the USA, and most 1st world countries. Anyone arguing otherwise is just being ridiculous. There is no pay gap for the same job, just quite simply, women tend to pick DIFFERENT jobs that make less money than men. It's really that simple. Don't believe me? Do a quick, 5 minute google search.

  • Feminism seeks liberation of all genders

    Definitions are key:
    Gender: gender identity
    To see that gender identity and trans identities are a real thing, you can
    consult the American Psychological Association, the American Medical
    Association, the DSM, the WPATH standards of care, or transfeminism.

    Institutional oppression:
    'Institutional oppression is the systematic mistreatment of people within a
    social identity group, supported and enforced by the society and its
    institutions, solely based on the person's membership in the social identity
    group.' --

    Oppression is prejudice + power.

    Equality: to have the same rights and same freedoms. In practice, not
    just on paper.

    Liberation: Here, liberation means freedom from oppressive systems. If all genders are oppressed equally, they are equal but not liberated.

    Feminism: a family of movements that seek the liberation or equality of
    all genders, as well as their accompanying philosophies.

    Defining feminism is a
    challenge because there are many schools of feminism that often disagree.
    Not all feminisms acknowledge all genders. But the systems that oppress women is
    similar and closely related to those that oppress trans men and nonbinary
    people, so it only makes sense to consider them together.

    I'll use the term 'feminisms' to refer to the various schools of thought of

    Persistent bias based on irrelevant characteristics, or the exclusion,
    erasure, or demonization of people based on these characteristics.
    In this debate, the emphasis will be on gender prejudice.

    We are not debating if feminists or feminism can be prejudiced, but rather if
    feminism is a form of prejudice.

    Let's look at the claim 'feminism should be considered prejudice'.
    Feminists are people, and people are usually
    prejudiced. But should we consider the movements they build a form of
    prejudice? If the movements are not rooted in prejudice to
    perpetuate prejudice, the answer is no. Similarly, ask 'prejudice against whom?' Against men?
    Against people of color? Against trans people?

    If all it takes to prove it true is to find one prejudiced feminism, that's not worth
    debating. If it has to be the majority of feminisms, that is hard enough to measure taht debate is prohibitively difficult.
    So my opponetn must argue feminisms are united by some inherent

    Is feminism is prejudice against men? Feminism is
    concerned with gender equality + liberation.
    Discussing gender and gender dynamics is critical.
    So talking about men, women, nonbinary folks in feminism
    is not prejudice. To prove prejudice, my opponent will have to show feminism excludes, erases, or demonizes men.

  • Feminism is not about hating men. It's about focusing on gender inequality women experience. It is not focused on creating inequality for men.

    Women do not have equal pay, particularly in the STEM fields. In many states, women are hard-pressed to get access to good healthcare. Feminism is focused on addressing violence against women. Feminism is focused on addressing how certain groups of women (trans women, women of color, etc.) face high levels of violence and poverty.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    The problem here is that "feminism" is essentially any ideology on a spectrum between egalitarianism and matriarchy. There are indeed individual people who claim to be feminists who express extremely prejudiced views, with the trans-exclusive radical feminists (TERFs) being a prime example of this. However, most people's feminism is about striving for equality for everyone, not about striving for making any marginalised group into an oppressor. Individual feminists may indeed by prejudiced, but feminism itself is not,

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