• Yes, it's ruining women's chances

    Feminism is making girls and women not as they should. It is preventing them from being able to do what they should and can. Females all around the world feel limited to what they can do because people assume the cannot due to them being a woman or girl. S

  • Feminism is disgusting

    Feminism is a disgusting movement that is slowly dying. It backfired and it is funny to me because all these women think they need EXTRA rights. That's right, not equal but extra. Men are starting to stand up for themselves. Younger people are starting to realize the severity of the problem and do something about it. Women can't be men. If they want to be one, they will get treated like one, you got it? GOOD!

  • It is becoming a part of Censorship/against Freedom of speech

    This new wave of Feminism is currently a part of the issue we have involved with SJW's in today's society. Where groups of people are censored off of platforms because they have an opposing opinion. They oppose anyone who may question their ideologies. Censorship is inherently against our right to free speech but this has been currently slowly but surely being stripped away as new free speech zones are being made due to some individual's becoming "triggered" at any opposition. This is occurring in our Universities and College Campuses, which should a place of intellectual diversity. Freedom of Speech is a basic human right, so when they gather and wish for someone to not speak just because they say something they don't like, isn't having an intellectual debate or allowing someone to express their 1st Amendment right. Please stop this form of feminism, this has gone from being a progressive movement to a Regressive one.

  • Equality is Met already

    Despite what Feminism is really for, the feminists are no longer fighting for equality, but they are fight for things that they have no Facts to back them, or something that is out right ridiculous.
    For Example them fighting of "Man Spreading" is outrageous as they do not have to deal with have an "Object" between there legs

  • It is a pointless argument.

    Feminism is a joke at the base. Supposedly, their entire arugment is built upon the idea that women are not being treated as fairly as men. Please state one law that gives more power to men. (Hint there isn’t one) Feminism tries to tell people that there are so many cases where men overpower women, and that is simply not true. Feminism hinders the correct view of Feminism by stating false ideas. False ideas that eventually drive women to believe everything.

  • Equality is a vile illusion.

    Women say they are not being treated as equally as men. Notice how nature was designed first, females giving birth, females carrying the milk, and so on. However notice that evolution occurs because the strongest males mate with females. Being female already is a privilege, don’t ask for this “equality” stuff. A male will vanquish the beast, slay the dragon, and rescue you from a tower. Is that not enough? In return why can’t the female simply reproduce, care for the child, then let nature take its course?

  • Historically the roles of women are quite obvious, have children, care for the children, die.

    What is written above might seem gruesome however it is true, males, in the majority of nature also, care for the women. Both men and women are equal in the sense of the continueation of the human race; however, some women believe that they are being treated “less equal” or something along the lines of being used as sex objects. In a narrow minded idiotic sense that is correct, I mean seriously the fact that the right to debate this is a privlage if not bordering insanity. The privlages of all modern life today is due to the advancements of women completing their roles well in the past. If you all wish to have a next generation with decent genetic material I suggest oh follow this cause.

  • It focuses only on women

    They speak on creating equality but only focus on women. While I do believe we need some organization to bring equality they are not the one, nore have they ever been the one. They never protest against men being treated harsher in court, men being more likely to to be killed in both hommicides and the workplace, and they tend to treat rape and sexual assault as a gender problem not a human problem. Then you have the new generation with #killallmen, drinking mugs labeled man tears while complaining about catcalling and manspreading while there are women whom could honestly use their help. If we are to bring equality we need a group whom can look at both sides of the same coin and help both prosper. One whom does not discriminate. Not complain about and ignore them because their not female.

  • Feminism is necessary

    Although many people believe that feminism is a movement of man-hating, it is about equality of all the sexes. We all deserve the same rights regardless of gender. As a boy, I believe that the girls I am friends with deserve the same opportunities as me. Women are the same as men!

  • Equality is important

    Despite what many seem to believe, feminism's goals are not to make women dominant over men, or to give them more than men. The goal is to make them equal with men, so that women have all the equal opportunities that aren't based on gender. To stop feminism would be to take away the rights of women, and women have a right to stand up against inequality and unfairness.

  • Ability to be self determinant

    There is some ridiculous assumption on what feminism is or is not. Basically, it’s just the ability to determine one’s own pursuits without the hindrances of bias. To be equally recognized for efforts and contributions with equal standing as men. Equal pay, promotional opportunities and voice. Feminists don’t want to rule the world or to put men down, only to live and work on equal footing.

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