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If you think feminists need to be deported, You have understood what feminism means

  When the image of a middle age white woman, Who says men are dogs and believes that women are superior is not feminist, To begin with. Feminism is not just the upliftment of women, But equality for men also. True feminists (as myself) believe that men and women are equal. A man should not be expected to pay on a first date, Or that it is fair for women to escape first in a sinking ship. In all means, If they are equal in ability, Intelligence and character neither should be degraded. And that is what a true feminist stands for not for one as media or social platforms showcase. The greatest difficulty today is that the term feminist is so misunderstood, That the true motives of the movement are overshadowed. Feminists believe in the equality for both women and men.
porchmonkey34 says2018-12-05T16:11:36.520
Shut up women
porchmonkey34 says2018-12-05T16:11:40.827
Shut up woman
zhaod1 says2018-12-05T16:30:43.057
Men and women already have the same rights.
jonah57 says2018-12-05T16:39:11.403
Shut up woman
Minddagger says2018-12-06T20:01:33.530
I haven't seen any woman do a "man's march" your claims that women also fight for men makes no sense and has no evidence to back it up.
radiant31 says2018-12-07T15:43:37.633
To say that men and women have the same rights is not correct, Its just that these rights are not enacted upon. And for your kind information Men march are incredibly common, Just that they aren't portrayed in the media, I headed one at my own college. So do your research
radiant31 says2018-12-07T15:44:08.490
Just because you're ignorant doesn't mean it doesn't happen
zhaod1 says2018-12-07T16:19:49.887
What do you mean men and women don't have the same rights?
hotshotsmith1 says2018-12-07T19:35:56.093
I was wondering the same thing, What rights do women not have that men do? Less pay=More time off due to motherly duties. Physical Labor Jobs=Men are typically physically stronger. Divorces=Women typically are better off in the end at the mans expense. Notice I said typically because in reality there are minor cases in the opposite, But typically women have it better off than men.
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