• They are super gay

    I think feminists should go away because they are all child murdering thots and they won't have sex with me. Plus they are always oppressing us gamers for being ourselves and stop us from rising up against the sjw run company's like ea and activation. But it should be expected cause they are all big gay

  • Feminists hve the big dumb

    Fminists are racist and sexist they need to die or get outta my cuntry bee boo bop skibbidy doo dah bee boo scuym gang scum gang free 6ix9ine free tr3yway free scotti free kevin durant kevin durant kevin durant just wet his pants manav sharted in his pants and it smelled really really reaaly realy bad and now everyone is poisoned free 6ix9ine free scum gang tr3yway scum gang

  • The big issue

    I think people with extremely absurd ideas and belief, Or as I call them "extremists", Should be deported or at least be exiled in a camp outside of our country. We do not want toxic people and neither do we want crazy people running around the projects and yelling "Allahu Akhbar! ". Please, I beg you.

  • Omg this is fuking epiccc

    DEPORT THE FEMINISTS. They ate my children than through its remains into the ocean. They are brutal beasts that will do anything to get power. I once saw a feminist Euthinate a puppy because it was a boy. The feminists have no hearts. I want to execute them all. Hail BEN BABIRO AND BETER BRIFFIN

  • Feminists are Liberals

    The liberal propaganda on how all men need to have their dick's cut off is unreal and unjust and I believe that feminists need to stop oppressing republicans for using logic and common sense. Name me one liberal activist in the United States who has changed the way society functions for the better. From my experiences, All I see is bald-headed woman bitching at white men for believing in logic.

  • Deportation definitely ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I know we are in the generation were having 69 genders and suicide booths are GOING to be a thing, But feminism is stupid. Feminists is another word for sexist. What the fuck is the point? We all get paid the same, Eat the same food, Live on the same earth, So how about shut up, Take this stupid shit, And stick it up your toutacanoe.

  • Feminism is seriously not needed

    Men are higher for suicide, Homicide, We have to enter the draft, And if we ever get a wife, And she divorces us, We have to give her money, Give her the house, Give her our hardworking items. Feminism shouldn't even be needed, Females that protest these stupid ideas should not be allowed to vote or anything of the likes considering they are mentally retarded

  • The patriarchy doesn't exist

    Fucking femmies are always saying that men have all of the power, Byt they are not correct. They are basing their claims on a very small group of hyper successful men. In fact, The life that men live is not even close to what the speculate it out to be. In prison, Most inmates are men. Most homeless people are men, Most people who are targets and victims of assault are men, And most people who die in combat are men. Thus the patriarchy doesn't exist, And feminism is just a waste of time, So fuck those who are a part of it.

  • They would be more useful elswhere

    All across the world their is in equality and strife. Domestic life issues in Russia, And Female persecution in the middle east. But what do they do here? Complain about sexist air conditioning and sexist star trek (Worth a google) and if you argue with them your a RACIST BIGOT.

  • If Feminists want equality than why are they called FEMinists?

    Hey im a gamer girl plz date me, Only gamers only, No llies. I need someone who likes things i like darksoulzxds, Anime, Fun, Goth, Epicstyle funny jokes, And more. No joke. And if you know 25 indian facts tell me date me plz gamers, I go make sandvich for heavy

  • Freedom of speech and freedom of ideology

    Feminism started as a great movement, But ended up with pink haired non binary fools screeching at you that you are racist. I don't believe in their ideology, No, But they shouldn't be deported because they didn't break the law. Same with nazis. I don't believe in their ideology, But I believe in freedom of speech.

  • The best way to stop that "bad" behaviour, Is giving equality.

    Deported and sent where? You are misunderstanding totally the point of feminism. It's about equality. It's a really bad question, Feminism is a protestation for women rights. Yes, Some feminists can have a bad behaviour, But don't generalize, It's kind of ignorant. Think for a better solutions before executing someone.

  • No, Just plain no. No! NO! NNOOOO!

    Everyone is equal, No matter black or white, Male or female. If this is done, We will have World War 3, Not what we want! So stop, Or the ones that say no will be nuclear mad for real! So say no to such fake stuff, For real! This is all fake, Just to make it unfair for people.

  • I find them annoying but

    Look i don't like them either i don't, They are a pain in the ass, Just another group of whiny entitled people crying because they lost in the gene pool lottery. . I know women who are feminists who are okay. . Not all of them suck. . Opps. . Some want to be treated equally because they deserve it they try they are strong and they only want to be judged on their merits, And then their are the other feminists the freaks and the losers who are simply angry they were born fat or ugly and no man wants them so they take it out on men. . But here is the important part we live in a democratic republic based on a constitution that exists to protect minorities and individual iberites like free seppech just because we don't like somone doesnt mean we get to kill them. . This sint mob rule. . So get over yourseves stop being such babies. So long as feminists aviod attcking mens go nads with sharp objects they are entitled to their opinion and life style just like everyon else in a free society

  • Is it difficult to accept someone other than you?

    Should we deport people who likes cheese too? Or someone who thinks differently, Fight for a different cause? Should we? Grow up guys! We should not execute or deport someone just because they think differently from you. Imagine if it were the other way around! Is it very difficult to live your life without intervening in the other's life? This planet may be progressing a lot in some respects. But in others we are receding more and more.

  • The government will hunt you down m8.

    The government won't execute or deport you for believes. That wood viol8 the first amendment which says. "You are allowed to be free to speak what you want, Have whatever religiousness you want, And assemble peace fully whenever you pleas. It is bad to kill people anyways or exclude them. Excluding poeple is bad.

  • Because no. I said no. Stop questioning me!

    No nope please don't do it it is bad to execute people because Santa will put you on his very very very naughty list. The only list worse is the "I started a nuclear war list" and if you are on that list you get bombed for Christmas so don't execute the feminists

  • Ummmm. . . Nobody is that bad

    People are racist and bad and they are racist its a truth factoid of lives as we no it. It is very very berry sad but it is sadly true fact America is bad people go Russia let's have another nuclear war except for this time it actually happens lol XD.

  • People are sexist

    Do I need to elaborate on this for you? Ok fine. There is one post on the yes side that actually covers the topic. Please date me I'm a gamer girl. N***** n***** n***** n***** n*****. None of those cover the topic that the question poses, And this question is very serious. Nobody deserves to be executed except for Osama bin Laden.

  • The other side is full of joke and/or strongly opinionated posts.

    Take "Major big gay" for example. The full post consists of "Hey im a gamer girl plz date me, Only gamers only, No llies. I need someone who likes things i like darksoulzxds, Anime, Fun, Goth, Epicstyle funny jokes, And more. No joke. And if you know 25 indian facts tell me date me plz gamers, I go make sandvich for heavy. " I mean seriously, What kind of joke is that?

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katkat517 says2018-12-07T00:14:08.620
This is HATE MONGERING. If it were asked if a racial group should be executed, This debate would have been AXED! Why isn't this debate taken off the roster?
Minddagger says2018-12-07T01:06:38.007
Because debate websites don't ban people for their beliefs, Besides this is a troll poll.