Should feminists, progressives, and whiny liberals be forcibly drafted into the Marine Core?

  • Yes, they need to learn to stop whining and suck it up

    The Marine Core will turn these whiny, spoiled, good for nothing, hypocritical, scum bags with no nationalism, no integrity, and no redeeming qualities, into marines- so that they can be good for at least one thing, getting themselves killed in the effort of preserving those liberties they wanted to abolish.

  • Maybe not the marines

    Honestly, we should just put them all on a boat and send them down to like, Venezuela or Africa. That'd teach to man up and actually learn to provide for themselves. We may get in a bit of trouble with the UN, but who really cares about those guys, right?

  • No we COULD do away with the pretence of liberty and justice instead.

    We spend huge amounts of money keeping up the make believe that everyone has the same rights and deserves equal protection under the law while undermining those same rights behind the scenes. It would be a lot more efficient if we just did away with this.

    Mandatory binding arbitration agreements with class action waivers have become a standard for contracts that puts justice in the hands of unsupervised, biased/bribed, arbitrators and leaving no recourse in event of a gross miscarriage of justice. Civil forfeiture allows the government to seize and liquidate personal property without a crime (not against seizing or using criminal assets but the burden of proof should be placed on police). The wealthy get off with probation what would send a normal man to jail, and can profit off of illegal practices even when caught.

    Imagine instead we just revoked the rights of the bottom 90%, made the top 1% citizens, and the top .1% our nobility. All the money and effort we spend creating institutions out of straw and laws like swiss cheese could instead be used for something productive.

    We could replace public education (for non citizens) with permanent boarding schools were children are indoctrinated to give to the country first, the company second, their betters third, and never to join together to try for a better life. They can be given the best training that fits their abilities and the needs of the country, with the strongest and most loyal trained as soldiers from an early age.

    With natural skilled and unskilled labor working for far below common standards the US will have an economic advantage. If they then pay a premium for top talent around the world (while ensuring their rights and quality of life unlike natural workers) the US economic power would be absolute. The trained from children, utterly loyal soldiers combined with the strongest economy and best tech (from top talent) will strengthen the us military as much as the economy.

    You could even keep free market capitalism between those with rights, and trading around the world. Incentives could also be given to the common man as well; you just have to drag the scale downwards so that living in a company barracks is common. A shared dorm room, or individual apartment then becomes a luxury and a small individual hut and a wife/husband instead of breeding pits becomes the the new great american dream.

    In this way the common people will no longer have time to care about discrimination, racism, equal rights, and a better quality of life.

    This will turn those whiny, spoiled, good for nothing, hypocritical, scum bags with no nationalism, no integrity, and no redeeming qualities, into New Americans. So that they can be good for at least one thing, serving and furthering the cause of those who are their betters in every way (or at least believe themselves to be).


  • This suggestion doesn't even make any sense.

    What constitutes a "whiny liberal"? Who is the person selecting said whiny liberals for the draft? How does the selection progress even work? Is it subject to the opinion of a military official? Will every single American be interviewed for their viewpoints and then the ones that don't fit certain criterion are sent to the Marines? Not only does this process not make any sense whatsoever, it will no doubt put a dent in our Marine Corps and weaken our forces overall. This is a completely stupid suggestion that has too many negatives to even be considered.

  • No one should ever be forced into military service especially not for sensible beliefs.

    Blah blah blah trumps the chimp is dumb as a light pole blah blah blah waaaaa naaaa know why? Its cause trumps dumpy supporty a muslimy bany by that logic why not go ban every christian cause they could be in the KKK. HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMMMM thinky thinky also trumps support of FADA proves he's pro LGBT discrimination and being pro LGBT discrimination is obviously just as bad as being racist. Trumps also wants to do nothing for the environment but to destroy it EVERY politicians first priority NEEDS to be for the protection of the environment! With out the environment there is no us. SO yeah blah blah blah Kill the stormcloaks and save the septim empire FOR MARTIN the REAL last emperor but with YOUR help the empire can regain its strength and restore peace and justice to tamriel and soon ALL OF NIRN also trumps bad build a wall and they build a boat or a plane or a ladder. BYE BYE GO SAVE THE EMPIRE

  • Well, not Necessarily...

    While putting them on t=he front lines seems a little much, I do believe that we could do something to toughen them up. Some people are more dedicated on this topic, but right now, I am not. I believe that they are annoying and they are weak, but that doesn’t mean we should throw them in the army. Plus, that would also mean that we have more of a weaker group of people. It will just be worse for everyone.

  • No, there should be a separate division made for them

    If they're drafted into the Marine Corps they could endanger the lives of volunteer marines. I would rather they make a whole new division that forces them into. They can call it the Social Justice Warrior brigade. Send them into battle, have them work on manual labor and jobs that get the money to provide for this division not get any funds from the federal military or government.

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Tree_of_Death says2017-01-03T23:53:39.293
You spelled "Corps" wrong. And then you say that liberals don't have enough nationalism. Hmmm...
RonPaulConservative says2017-01-04T00:42:45.587
Tree_of_Death says2017-01-04T01:56:52.930
Yes, it's the Marine Corps.
VanessaKnowsNothing says2017-01-04T02:36:28.583
I think you mean boot camp. Lets not draft people because of political beliefs and labeling. I don't think I can really have an opinion on this.
Tree_of_Death says2017-01-04T04:38:09.247
This is really a stupid suggestion though...I like how you say liberals are trying to strip citizens of their rights and then you make a ridiculously unconstitutional suggestion to "remedy" this perceived aggression, exposing you as a total hypocrite.
liam2002 says2017-01-04T23:30:25.407
Ok don't friend the fascist but still you should respect other people's political beliefs.