Should Fertilized Eggs Be Given Legal Personhood?

  • Um well duh

    Literally all I have to say is when a women who is pregnant no matter how far along, its a double homicide, its a double homicide, because the baby still in the womb is still living. If a baby could talk, it would obviously want to keep its life, so why is this even an argument?

  • Fertilized eggs should be given legal personhood.

    Once the egg is fertilized by a sperm, it begins living. It begins growing. And once it does so, it becomes a cell that reproduces. The fetus adapts to her/his carriers body, adapts to the surroundings of where they are located in their carriers body. It has all the characteristics to be considered a living thing. So, fertilized eggs should be given legal personhood!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes, they are people!

    I believe that fertilized eggs should be given legal person hood. Who's to say what's living. Everything is living. A plants alive, it breaths. If you would give the cell a chance it would produce lungs and breath. It all comes down to time all your doing is cutting time. In time the egg would live and breath. The baby would live and breath. The PERSON would live and breath. I vote YES!

  • Once something is fertilized its living

    It should be given legal personhood. Its a shame that someone would think that it doesn't count. Abortion is in fact murdering your child because if it wasn't then nobody would care. But no people with a heart and empathy understand that everybody deserves a chance to live because you never know what they're going to amount to. The person who was meant to cure cancer was probably aborted due to selfish people who said no

  • Yes they should

    They are still people and even if they are not out of the womb you don't really know if they don't realize or feel what is happening, plus by giving them personhood, women cant abort a feeling creature. That's one reason many people are against it, so abortion can be fully legal

  • Yes, I agree.

    LIfe begins when egg meets sperm. To end this is to end this is to end the potential of human life. The argument that its not more alive then a cell on your hand is ridiculous. A cell on your hand wont become a living breathing person if you let it grow.

  • No I totally disagree

    Not everyone believes that when egg meets sperm a breathing being is made. Yeah, it will be breathing over time but during a certain time frame the fertilized egg is just cells. Also how can you think that you can tell woman what they can and cannot do with their bodies. It's just wrong to try and dictate that. If you don't believe that getting an abortion or using birth control is right, then don't do it or use it. Some people do use birth control or get an abortion but that is their choice and it needs to stay that way.

  • What about the mother?

    If a 13 year old girl is raped, and gets pregnant, you are saying that she should have a child? She's 13. She's a child herself! Not everyone is ready to have and be able to take care of a baby. Financial instability, not having an education. If you don't want an abortion? Don't get one. That shouldn't stop other woman from having an abortion. Since when do you get to tell someone what to do with their body? It belongs to them, you have no reason to comment on other peoples lives. It has nothing to do with you. A couple of cells in a uterus doesn't mean its a living breathing person.

  • Not Everyone Believes in God.

    A lot of the people arguing for this to pass fail to recognize that some people do not believe in what they do. Not everyone thinks that a fetus or embryo is a "person of God" because scientifically speaking, it isn't even a person yet. Fertilized eggs are nothing but cells and anyone who has taken basic biology can attest to that.

  • No, I disagree.

    Legal personhood should only be applied to functional persons that have viability in any capacity outside the womb. If fertilized eggs were given personhood, this would make abortion completely impossible. Once the fetus is developed enough to be able to survive outside the womb, the baby should be considered a person with rights.

  • Fertilized is not cognizant

    Fertilized eggs should not be given legal personhood anymore than skin cells should. Simply because a female egg is fertilized does not mean it is a living, breathing person. There is an acceptable time when an egg can be terminated, and this is recognized by almost all medical professionals. This debate about whether it's alive or not is pointless, it's alive, but in the same way a cell on your hand is, or a sperm cell is.

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