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  • Where to get a decent-paying job without an education?

    I feel I must go to college in order to find a decent-paying job. Even though colleges are making it a business NO ONE HIRES without a college degree. I am looking for my first job and I am having trouble finding a job even with only a high school diploma. And for what $8.00 for working one hour? Ridiculous. College does pay off it's just that college students are not careful planning college and they make a lot of mistakes. My plan is to graduate debt-free and I know it is possible.

  • Education is Important

    No, it would be a mistake to suggest that fewer people should go to college. There is a lot more to learn in colleges and universities than simply how to get jobs. If you aren't careful, your education might just change you. Now, I admit that our system is broken, kids shouldn't graduate with a mortgage on their degree, but that does not change the need for educated individuals.

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