• No field trips

    No more field trips think that they cost to much and is it entertaining for you to watch caged animals unhappy pace in bars like a criminal yet they didn't do any thing wrong and yet there caged and trapped and stared at all day all 7 days of the week

  • We need field trips!

    We need field trips and we want them they are very fun are we want to get out of school the place we are at 5 days a week we need to leave at least once every few months we cannot be stuck in school we need to leave sometimes

  • No no no

    Because I said so and because it is only fair because without them our education will be boring b o r I n g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

  • They should not!!

    I remember when i was younger in second grade, going to an awesome museum and being awestruck by the boats and paintings, and going to a zoo and learing about all differnent kinds of animals and having a good time. They are educational and are a change from text books. I personally miss having them, and wish they would continue at all schools.

  • No, they are educational.

    No, field trips should not be abolished because they are fun and educational for students. Students really look forward to going on field trips, and field trips are a way that students can look forward to going to school and to receiving a reward for their hard work during the year.

  • Just use the term correctly.

    Instead of abolishing field trips, let's take them back to what they are supposed to be: A trip outside the classroom in which students observe real world applications or examples of what they are studying. A journey to Six Flags isn't a field trip and shouldn't be called that, let's try "class outing" instead.

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