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  • They allow children to interact

    The children get to do things they usally do not get to do.They make children socalize with actuall human beings instead of phones,tablets, and computers. They allow the children to have real fun and experience things you can't in a class room .Feild trips are a great thing that we need

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  • Field trips can be educational

    Sometimes field trips can be fun and take your mind off of school. But, more field are educational and tell us about history, science, and sometimes social studies. So when field trips would be cancelled, lots of kids and students are missing some very important information. And finally, kids get to have the experience of what happened back then or something, but I think field trips are great!

  • Field trips can be core learning experiences

    Field trips usually result in extended learning and possible hands-on experiences. Can you imagine a history class not taking a trip to the museum? There is no relation between field trips in general and legal concerns or issues of public safety. Field trips are usually led by skilled organizers who keep their groups orderly and together and pose no threats to anyone.

  • Field trips are educational and inspire children to learn.

    Parents sign permission slips for children to attend field trips already. Field trips offer a different way to learn that children often find fun and interesting. When children are enjoying learning they are more likely to pay attention and take in the educational value better. Field trips are an exciting educational option.

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