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  • Yes because field trips are good

    Yes because what if the kid wants to go but they can't because the parent won't let them.
    And that they had the freedom to go if they feel like it or not. Also parents does not always knows best. It conclusion, The field trip should not require parent permission is because its a right and that the kid should decide and not the parent.

  • There comes a point when we have to ask: how much control should the parent have?

    I think that the parents should be notified that the child won't be there, But I don't think that it should be as simple as the parent giving permission. This is part of the curriculum. There is often a reason why the field trip was scheduled. The parent should actually have to show good reason why their child can't go. Outside if such extenuating circumstances, The parents shouldn't have a choice. Parents have too great of control over their children's lives. They are the reason why many children avoid injury so greatly that the merest glancing blow causes a meltdown. School is the only place where kids get away from the overprotective influence of their parents. Field trips expose children to the world, And that is something that children are often sorely lacking these days because parents don't know what is best for their kids. They know what is best for their own piece of mind. But their piece of mind is less important than their child's readiness to tolerate and mitigate the real world. Parents have created an environment within which they do not have to worry, But the children are paying the price for this piece of mind because they are often denied crucial experience, So that fully grown adults can go to sleep at night. Babies get blankness and binkies when they can't fall asleep. Parents need to adult the f**k up and accept that they don't get to control everything. If the field trip passes scrutiny and is approved by the school board, All children should be required to attend barring some sort of medical excuse. Lack of control is part of reality, But the contrast between the security of home and the real world is so great, That people are often unprepared when reality hits, And they actually ask themselves: 'where did that come from? " Where did that come from? Really? It's f***ing reality man. It's been there all along, You just didn't see it because your parents protected you so greatly from it that you were utterly blindsided by it. It's not field trips we should be protecting children from. It is parents who have no grasp on where their control over things should end.

  • They decide the deal

    If they want to go then they can. If they don't then they don't need to go in someone else's classroom doing there activates. Field trips usually are not fun in any way for me. You can get lost there too. Honestly I hate field trips and I think the kids should decide themselves

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