• Rules Already Prevent Fighting

    Fighting is already banned in the NHL with rules and penalties against such a thing. Fighting just detracts from the game, even though pugilism is part of ice hockey's history and culture. No one will be suspended for fighting unless someone causes extreme harm to another. Until someone is killed in a hockey fight in an NHL game, fighting won't be banned.

  • Yes, fighting should be banned.

    Yes, I believe that the fighting should be banned in the NHL. They are professional athletes who have a lot of kids looking up to them. It doesn't set a good example fpr them to engage in barbaric behavior. Tradition isn't a good enough excuse for it to continue. Not all traditions are healthy.

  • Not a chance

    More fans go to the games to watch the fights rather than watch the game. If the players want to fight, let them! Its much better than illegal hits meant to injure them. In fights, you might get a black eye or a bruise, bad hits might really damage you for good.

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