• Its the Court's Job

    It actually happens once in awhile that courts step in when an action falls outside the norms for what is considered acceptable in hockey or if there is a serious injury to a player.
    In 2000, Marty McSorley hit another player in the head with his stick causing a severe concussion*. He received the most severe punishment in NHL history, and never came back to the league. Still, the Canadian courts felt that the action merited legal prosecution as well. NHL Player Found Guilty of Assault. He was placed on probation, but did not face fines (beyond those levied by the NHL) or jail time. Many professional players, including McSorley's victim, felt legal action was not appropriate.
    NHL fights aren't staged, but they do have rules to prevent serious injury. They also require both players to simultaneously drop the gloves and “agree” to the fight. Refs are very good at stepping in before it gets out of hand. So long as a fight stays within those parameters, I think the courts are willing to let the league police its own.
    *Granted, this example is a slash, rather than a fight, but I think it shows how the courts regard aggression in hockey. Also noteworthy that it is a Canadian court, where you would expect more tolerance for the physicality of their national sport.

  • Players get hurt far too easily.

    The young kids that get drafted trained their entire lives to play professional hockey. Its not fair to those kids to get injured and have to sit on the bench when they should be on the ice because of a fight. Its especially bad since its so easy to receive a head injury due to the hard ice.

  • If you want fighting, go to an MMA fight

    Fighting isn't part of hockey, hockey is the goals and the skill. Some players are enforcers, or fighters, and they have to be paid too. They don't get many goals and aren't needed except for violence. If you want to pay for these players, it is ticket money, go ahead and waste it. I love watching hockey fights, but it shouldn't be allowed.

  • Yes, that is not sport.

    Yes, fights in hockey should be banished, because they are not helpful to the sport. Hockey is about shooting a puck through a goal. People only like to watch the fights for the shock value. There is also the risk that people will get hurt. It is better to have a hockey game without fights involved.

  • Its part of the game

    Its bean in the sport since it started their is no point in taking it away and the crowd goes crazy when a fight breaks out and its the only way players relive their anger at some one. There is also something called a fight strap so players jerseys don't get pulled over their head in a fight

  • No no no no no no no

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • No hockey should not be banned

    It whats make hockey, hockey. It makes hockey more interesting. That's how some hockey players get paid. Hockey is all about violence and should not be banned. Hockey kind of originated as a war on ice. Hockey always included fights and should not be banned right away. That is why I choose no.

  • Because it had been in hockey and always will be

    Because many ppl expect fights in games and many ppl find it entertaining. It can also boost momentum in a team that is losing the game but comes out of the fight with a victory. So if you don't like fights in hockey, go watch something else like figure skating :/

  • Hockey Fights Shouldn't Be Banned

    In many sports there are ways for players to injure themselves. Hockey is no different. With rapidly moving object like the puck, legal checking, and a slippery playing surface, hockey is just as dangerous as tackle football. Hockey fights, however do not significantly increase the risk of injury, and the majority of fights end without more than a black eye or a little blood on either side. It amps up the croud, and if nothing's going right for a team, victory in a fight can spur momentum for a team. All players in hockey fights choose to fight. It is a risk, but so is crossing the street, taking a breath of air, and participation in almost any activity. Hockey fights don't harm the integrity of the sport, and should not be banned.

  • Its part of the game, it always have been.

    Hockey is and always has been part of the sport, I see no reason to take it away. Health and safety is already ruining the world around us, don't let it ruin the sport we love, our escape from the health and safety world. Fighting gives the rest of the team a boost of spirits, this can contribute to a team winning a game. Statistically there are far more injuries in body checking than in fights, if fights are removed players will become more aggressive as they don't have a way to get rid of their anger, and they will body check more, this will result in more injuries. So if you want fighting to be removed because of safety, it is safer to have fights and if you want it removed because it serves no purpose, it boosts team spirits which can result in wins.

  • Its a part of the game

    For god sakes! Fighting on ice has been a part of the game and it always will! Now for some , they dont like hockey fights, but in that case they should just leave, and also , fighting on ice Energies the teams and also the fans so all in all its a good reaseon

  • No because it is part of the game

    You need to be able to protect your top players and make sure no one goes after them, so you need enforcers. Yes we would like to see less fights and the fights that just happen for no reasons, but when you go after the best player in league, there needs to be consequences and fighting would be that. Fighting has been in the game for a long time so why would you take it out now

  • No, fights in hockey should not be banished.

    This question is a misleading one because it is already illegal to fight in a hockey game. Due to the fact that they are already illegal their is no reason to banish them further. On a side note, a large majority of the people who watch hockey, only watch to see the fights.

  • The game would get boring.

    A lot of people watch hockey mainly for the fights. So taking them away people would lose interest in the sport. I also think that it is a cool idea that you can throw down and settle your differences right there on the ice. Besides the referees always break it up if the fight gets to bad.

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