Should file sharing be more widely utilized in primary and secondary school?

  • Children can learn quickly.

    Yes, file sharing should be more widely utilized in primary and secondary school, because it is a good way to lower the cost of producing books and other materials. Children are very smart and catch on to technology faster than adults do. They can quickly adjust, and can learn valuable technology skills in the process.

  • Yes, File Sharing is a Valuable Tool for Primary and Secondary Schools

    File sharing represents a vital move towards a more open and accessible realm of information and resources. Particularly in regards to schooling and education, file sharing should be unhindered and encouraged as a central tool for spreading ideas and information. Standards of fair use should be extended more liberally to educators and students, since the benefit received by society from this increased access to educational resources is much greater than the drawbacks that result as a consequence of file sharing (e.g. profit losses).
    Educators benefit from file sharing by having access not only to educational resources, but also to ideas and research that can help them become more effective teachers. Students benefit by having access to a much wider spectrum of information and learning tools. It is also necessary for students to become adept at working with such a wide variety of information, as projections suggest that future workers and citizens will be increasingly faced with challenges that require an understanding of virtual data sharing and large amounts of information with varying degrees of reliability and validity. Additionally, the uninhibited practice of file sharing is quickly becoming an inevitability and necessity, thus our economic institutions and standards must adapt to this new free and open-source paradigm.

  • Yes, I agree that file sharing should be more common in both secondary and primary shools.

    Students should be, and are being, introduced to computer technology at very early ages. They should be educated in how to get full advantage of this computer technology. This includes leaning how to share information and resources by sharing access to their data files on both the school's network and using the Internet. File sharing also gives student a chance to learn about accountability for their work and property.

  • File sharing should become more widely utilized in primary and secondary school

    Knowledge is power. And the spreading of that knowledge to young minds, will help children obtain a better education. Controlled and secure file sharing should be allowed in primary and secondary schools. This will help them obtain more information, that will allow greater advances in the academic achievements of those children.

  • File sharing should not be more widely utilized in primary and secondary school.

    File sharing raises all kinds of ethical questions that do not make it beneficial for schools. File sharing would raise questions of copyright infringement and plagiarism. Students should stick to traditional books rather that depending on computers. Parents and teachers should not worry about spending money on expensive new computer equipment.

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