• Horrible for our children.

    Young children are watching television all the time if it gets on tv then they are exposed. Young children often imitate what they see or observe. I believe that it should be banned because it can influence the children in the wrong way. We should watch what we put on television.

  • We have freedom of expression

    The constitution have provided us the freedom of speech. And in a democratic nation we should be free to express our views and ideas So if any movie is banned then it can be said as abolition of our freedom of expression we should have the right to see what we want and should be left to bear the consequences on our own self

  • Bodies are Natural

    Our bodies are something which people see; we come out of our mothers, we are made through our mothers and fathers. We are born naked and if nudity is something that is wrong why do certain parts of our body exist. Alongside this, censorship is just one of many ways that women's bodies are used as objects, people should be able to show their bodies without fear of assault and/or being judged by societal norms. Therefore, our bodies should not be sexualised just because they are bodies and we should be free to make nudity a stigma-free topic, especially because children should not grow up believing that our bodies are something that should be hidden and not allowed to be shown or something that we should be ashamed of.

  • Yes of course it should

    Creativity is dying simply because film makers are unable to truly express the themes and ideas that they want to in their films. If this continues then we will live in an orwellian age of censorship where all pieces of media abide by the laws given by those in charge

  • Won't Change Much

    What will censorship really do? Even if you have censorship in movies, people will still find this material through other forms such as the internet, TV, even certain types of newspapers. Having censorship of one form thing will not change much, if anything, it will just make young adults more motivated to see what is behind the blurred image. That's why censorship should be banned

  • Make the contents of the movie clear

    If someone goes to see a movie they should look into what the contents of that movie are and not rely on the film makers to censor the content that is mentioned in the film description. Also the film makers should be more precise and honest with the contents of the film.

  • Fictional works should not be censored.

    People should be able to express themselves in ways that do not directly harm other people. As such, any censorship placed upon artistic expression is ultimately detrimental to society. Adults should be able to choose what they want to expose themselves to and make up their mind about the things they see without a politically motivated authority patronising them

  • Ban film censorship.

    We should have the right to choose what we want to watch - and suffer the consequences ourselves if there is any negative response to that. We should be allowed to choose what is appropriate for our own minds - not an invisible controlling authority. Every person is different; we all respond differently to certain things - films should have warnings of the contents, but NOT restrictions.

  • Ban All Film Censorship

    Yes, film censorship of any kind should be banned. Film is art, and is therefore free speech. There should be no limits placed upon the freedom of speech and the expression of oneself through art. To censor film is to take away the right to express oneself as one chooses.

  • Im tired of all censorhip

    Nobody has any right to tell anyone how to talk period who the hell are you to tell me not to swear look at ireland i heard they curse like sailors the usa is becoming communistic these politcally correct wussies who can't handle one curse word please if you can't handle one word and your precious ego is hurt go turn into mr rogers neibhborhood im sick of all this political correcitiveness and black lives matter movement look at how well that is going there destroying our country and ripping it apart please! Thats more destructive than the f word whatever quit turning our country communistic if you can't handle one word then you should move to a communistic country

  • Destruction of youth!!

    These modern days everything is accessed freely and with in no time, as a teenager you are going to be invited to watch a movie with your friends... What if it is not appropriate? What if you are a parent and your VERY OWN CHILD is doing this! Seeing drugs being consumed and violence and horrific and in humane events! This will need to be considered. Freedom has its limits...

  • Film Censorship protect the vulnerable!

    As social opinions become increasingly liberal, vulnerable people are becoming more exposed to media which could potentially hard them. Even though some restrictions seem unfair and artistic freedom should be taken into account, there are some in the general population whom unwittingly expose people to images which are unhelpful and in some cases can be damaging. Things show in the media that glorify weapons, drugs, violence and other such things should not be readily available.

  • Film censorship serves a social function

    It is possible to put things on film that are truly inhumane and offensive. Just because a filmmaker has seen fit to film something doesn't mean that theaters, television stations, and film producers should be required to screen and distribute it without censorship. The current film ratings system creates conditions of censorship, but it also serves to help educate and warn the public about things they might view unwittingly. Censorship doesn't have to equate to silencing and sanitation.

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