• Responsible parents !!!!

    Parents have a say over their children when they are minors or under . Parents know what films is suitable for their children to view or not to view.This way people will know the "severity" of the film. Some films can be "scarring" for some and others may find it not appealing to them at that age.

  • Of course they should

    Film ratings should be allowed for parents who want to protect their children from the evils of the world at a young age. Therefore, film ratings should remain in play to facilitate the parent in determining what they want their children to see. Why parents would want to shield their children is solely up to them but should be respected in our society.

  • Age ratings should be changed

    I think age ratings should exist, however I feel that they should be only be to categorise films and should not be a law. A 15 year old should be able to buy rated 18 titles, the age ratings should only inform the customer of the contents of the title.

  • They Should... It's obvious.

    Age Rating is there to protect a child. Regardless of his maturity, a child's mind can be corrupt with ideas of murder, rape, swearing and more, this is all meant to appease adults and not children. No matter what the child thinks, (s)he is not mentally able to cope with older films. An example is this: Children SHOULD NOT BE exposed to adult content.

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  • No, they shouldnt

    The Film rating system is very bad. For my opinion. Some movies are rated r for some sexual activity or some bad words but kids are going to learn that anyway. Some movies are rated P-13 with a lot of sexual activity . See the rating system is not so good as we thought.

  • Yes movies should be rated

    Movies should be rated because ratings give you guidelines for what age group would most likely enjoy the movie,so you wouldn't waste money on a movie for five year olds. Also if movie weren't rated little kids would be watching movies with bad words in them such as cuss words.

  • Some movies shouldn't be age restricted

    Some kids are old enough to watch movies and play video games that are age restricted its just complete bull as a Teen I remember a few years ago wanting to play a R18 game and when I turned 18 I didn't see a SINGLE problem there was shooting sure but legit nothing else apart from swearing

  • Yes, the should,

    Because kids should not be seeing inappropriate movies it might effect their behavior in school and at home and it might teach them curse words they should not know also they might show violent images that is why i strongly believe in movie ratings and why you should too. Thank you

  • Yes Yes Yes

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  • Age ratings shouldn't exist

    I know this might sound crazy, but I do not believe in age ratings. For me, it violates freedom of speech, freedom of thought and I think film ratings are really for immature people, who don't know the difference between reality and fantasy. After all, the world isn't perfect, so why obstruct kids from the real truth and let them know?

  • They shouldn't have a age restriction

    Because parents are able to know when a movie is to scary or they don't want their children going in so just don't buy the ticket for your child and they can't buy it themselves and if they can that would be because there probably old enough to have a job and work for their on money which woud make them 16

  • We want clean moives

    Every buddy in the world are movies that were rated G, PG, And PG-13 that's fine. But the movies that were rated R? I Don't think so that crap should be banned from any sale produce! So We are boycotting them. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • What good is a rating

    If i want to watch an r rated movie when i was ten years old, then i am going to watch that movie. Or if ask my mom if i am aloud to or not, then it is up to her not the rating. In short, the movie industry is paying someone to give an opinion, based on the average mutuality level, of a curtain age.

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  • No, they should not.

    Movies should be based of maturity, not age. Therefore, parents confident in their child's maturity should be permitted to take their child to an 18 or 15 rated movie. A child may be young, but if they are mature enough, they should be permitted to watch not just bad movies for their target age range.

  • No, I don't think movies should be rated.

    I don't think they should because there are many children who are mature enough to see a movie that may be beyond their age but can't because of the age restriction. As long as my children don't follow what the movie may say or do, I'm 100% fine with them watching it!! Plus, public places could already teach them certain words or things that i may not want my children to know, it doesn't particularly have to be the films/videos my child may be watching.

  • Age Rating Can Suck My Dick

    Age ratings are the most annoying shit in the world. Sure, it does help prevent your kids from adult content, but it should be used as guidelines, not restrictions. Age ratings are honestly for immature people who don't know the difference between the fictitious world and reality. Instead of restricting younger audiences, cinemas should warn parents about the type of content they are allowing the kids to view, so they could decide whether or not they should allow their kids to watch. Thus, people should remove age restrictions within the cinemas.

  • No censor moveis

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  • Films should not be rated

    I really don't believe it has anything to do with kids being 'scared.' I think it has to do, like someone said earlier, with exposure to questionable material at unsuitable ages.

    I saw The Exorcist when I was 8-9, and it didn't scare me. In fact, it made me want to see more and more horror movies, and at this point in my life, I want to make that my passion. I'm going to school for writing and theater/film. In my case, I don't believe it did any detrimental harm.

    For some kids, however, the violence, language, gore, sexual acts, etc... It can make their head spin. I'm always open and honest with my kids (some people think too much so!) so I am confident in my judgments on what I think they can handle, and what they can't.

    A brief homosexual encounter might leave some kids with their jaw on the floor, while in others it might have already been discussed and a non-issue. For some kids, the 'S' word might make them blush and gasp. For others, it might have been explained that it's an adult expletive and used sparingly so. Some kids might be very put off by a war flick, while children of Soldiers might have a completely different outlook and understanding of such things.

    If we take a good look at the MPAA, they REALLY censor film-makers. It's not just a rating scale... They actually make artists take our entire portions of their movies, or rearrange them entirely, for them to be screened. If it was a simple rating system, I think I'd have much more faith in it. However, I see it largely as censorship, and can't agree with their standards.

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