Should financial aid for students be based solely on merit?

  • To an extent

    In my eyes, A scholarship is something that is given out indiscriminately based on merit. I do see the argument that poorer families have a statistically lower chance of excelling because they cannot afford opportunities to excel. I think that the financial aid problem can be compromised on, People should be allowed a chance for a scholarship, But they still have to earn it.

  • Most students pay for their own education

    Why should financial status of student's parents impact whether or not they are able to receive aid. I have to pay for my own college, but my parents do not qualify for financial aid. Thus, interfering with my decision of which college I will attend. I do not want to pay of student debts for the rest of my life, but I want to further my education at a great college. I will apply for scholarships, although if I do get those, college will still be extremely expensive. People that receive financial aid are just handed it, they did not work at all for it and that is not how it should be. Everything in life should be worked for, if it is handed to you why would you even want it. There are highly qualified people in high school, with high GPAs and very smart. What if these people want to be a surgeon or a doctor, but since they could not afford a good college, they look less certified for the position. Everyone knows that students with "Harvard" or "Yale" on their resume will be considered before any one else. Altogether, Yale's cost in tuition, fees, and room and board is $66,445. Compare this to other colleges that people do not even know at $16,000. Some people would have to pick the cheaper college over the one that would make you look more qualified for future jobs.

  • Yes i know that there are a lot of poor family out there said "doesn't have condition for education".

    Well let me tell you something. In the high school years what did you do? Slacking and learn nothing? You have a free education after all. Learn for SAT better future instead of lying dead there duh..............Ddfsdfsdfsf sdfsdf fdf d d d d d d d d d d d

  • Financial aid is not just for the poor.

    Financial aid should be equal in offering their funds to all students, Just because my mom is not poor but not rich either doesn't mean i have money for school. Paying for college is just as hard for me as for a student coming from a poorer household. I make mid-average grade and wish to have a chance of financial aid. For the hard work I put into being in school.

  • Most students have no credit

    Yes, I believe that financial aid for students should be based on merit. In reality most student are just leaving their parents home. They do not have and real credit and may or may not hold a menial job. The only thing they have to offer is their merit, otherwise a large amount of students will not qualify for any assistance.

  • Student financial aid should be based solely on merit.

    Taxpayer money is not free candy to be flung out to the masses like treats from Santa at the end of a Christmas parade. Yet, this is the precedent that is being established by certain elements within our government. Financial aid for a student is supposed to yield a return for society. The return should be a person that leverages the aid to eventually become a productive asset for the well-being of the nation. It's an investment, not a Christmas parade treat. You don't make investments in things that haven't proven their ability to offer a return. Students must earn their financial aid, not merely want it. It's not a Right.

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  • Financial aid should not just be on merit

    There are a ton of factors that should go into who receives financial aide: their financial situation, their race and ethnicity, and their merit based evaluation. I feel like if we only rewarded those with good merit, we would leave behind those that never get the chance to improve themselves.

  • There's more to it

    Even though I do think some people tend to take a little advantage of financial aid at times, I do not think they should base it solely on merit. I think student's merit should play a bigger role in it; but, there are also financial reasons why this type aid is needed.

  • To a degree

    Financial scholarships should be based largely on merit, but, to a degree, they should not be based solely on merit. There are a number of things to take into account; people from poor background had, likely fewer opportunities to excel, and people f certain racial background have historically faced discrimination in everyday life.

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