Should fine arts be required for middle school students?

  • Yess they shuld

    It impotant becuze studnts need to bee cretive and temwork
    it don't hav any negativ affects
    sur it may cost the schol som but it wort it
    it can shew kidz what they migt like and pursew
    sur som kidz may not like it butt it good and stuf so

  • Our surroundings are full of art.

    What do you think your house is made up of? Shapes. Someone had to know what different shapes would work to hold up their shelter. The clothes you wear is art. Someone had the creative mind to make your favorite shit. The music you listen to. The shows and movies you watch. Culture is art. Not only is art surrounding us, it is apart of us. Our character, our personalty is because of the creativity we were shown as kids in elementary school. Be thankful for art, for our world would be very bland without color.

  • Yes art is needed

    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.
    Yes art is important for life.

  • The arts should be mandatory is schools.

    The arts can be a fun way to build in different areas such as reading, writing, and structure of speech. Learning to read music can make reading normal words/stories easier, and drawing or painting is a way to relieve stress and anxiety. Performing in things such as concerts or plays can build a child's social skill. This is my opinion.

  • It gives students another talent!

    Students who are in band are 53% more likely to graduate college with better grades than those who did not perform in band. Plus, it gives children an experience they will always remember, such as reward parties, and it gives students chances to connect with kids they would not have spoken to anyways.

  • We NEED the fine arts.

    We do need the fine arts. I was just researching this topic in my class and saw the debate here. How is there even a debate about this. They may not need to be required but they need to be there for the artistic people in the world. If there were no art class, there would be no way for the people who use music and art to express themselves to be expressive in schools, no way for them to enjoy at least one of their classes in middle school.

  • They benefit overall in the future

    I believe, that as a person who is in a really terrific band program at my school on the East coast of FL, people should have a choice whether they want to do band or not. If their parents or someone else forces them to do something they don't want to do, it could end up bringing the whole band down, negatively. What do you think will happen otherwise?

  • The arts should be mandatory.

    The parents of the person who gave this speech wishes for him/her to remain anonymous

    When was the last time you went to an all-kids concert or all-kids art show? For your own enjoyment? For fun? Nowadays, it’s all rushed to get here or there or somewhere and there is never any time to just stop…. And relax... And let yourself get lost in the arts. I am complaining from a child’s perspective. I definitely need to be educated, I am not saying I shouldn't’t learn, but give us a break. Students who participate in the arts improve their achievement in other areas of learning and life. Students with high arts participation perform better on standardized achievement tests than students with low arts involvement. "Arts education enables those children from a financially challenged background to have a more level playing field with children who have had those enrichment experiences,'' says Eric Cooper, president and founder of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education. I know it’s convenient for all of you to let us sit and rot in front of the television or video game player, but we need to relax, not get caught up in a horror film. Some people have talent, and are creative. They just need a chance to express themselves. Is your child someone who you call a ‘Drama queen’ every day? Yup. Let them perform, sing, and dance. Let them release that wackiness, and get applauded for it. My parents have given me the opportunity to express myself through the arts, and I have won competitions, and even played in Carnegie Hall because my talent was allowed to bloom. I understand that the arts are not for everyone, however I believe that anyone is able to, and should express themselves through some form of the arts. Moreover, (according to a study), the students who are involved in the arts watched fewer hours of TV, participated in more community service, and reported less boredom in school. The arts can connect people more deeply to the world and open them to new ways of seeing. Arts education will be the start of a new, creative, focused, and intelligent world.
    All of you, along with schools that have already added the arts into their curriculum, can be the start of a revolution.
    Thank you.

  • I Think that

    People should be required to take a fine arts class because it builds confidence. And their are so many choices so that if you don,t like some things then you can do photography if you don't want to sing or play an instrument. I also would say that the people who take fine arts have a better study habit because of the practice schedule.

  • People who are ARTISTIC

    People who are artistic need these classes, not just art but choir and band. Those are different types of art, also writing would be one too! Art is important to most people because it is a way to express feelings, creativity and so much more! For a young child to experience creativity and express their feelings makes this child open to more things. Without art of any kind the world would be dull.

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  • Its not creative if its forced.

    I as a person love the arts but that's because it is what I am passionate about. If you force somebody to be creative or make art then it will be bland, Basic, And soul less. With that being said you are harming the students more than helping them, Making them hate art all because it was forced upon them.

  • What is the use

    There is no point in making students do something that they do not want to do and if this course became mandatory probably fail because they are skipping, not doing the work or just not good at it. I know that if i was forced to do it i would skip every single class.

  • Art is not for every body kids should not be forced to do something that the don't want to

    If I wanted to I would say so some student are gifted whit the skill of art and some people dislike art. Some student's parents think that their child should get forced to do something they don't want to do. And kids can get mad or frustrated because the cant do it of they cant draw

  • The arts aren't needed.

    Ultimately, there are people who don't believe in having to do certain things in school, arts being one of them. How much can the arts really help a student grow? Yes it can be used as a job later on in life, but so can technology, math, science, history, PE, and every other subject in school. It makes people happy, yes, but we don't need the arts to succeed as a human society. Math is needed to calculate power costs, and money profitability. Science is needed to develop new medicine. History is needed to see what happened before, and how we can improve upon that. PE can be used to stay in shape, and maybe even go to the Olympics and help others have healthy lives. What do the arts do? Nothing. Thank You.

  • Parents will not like their child being forced to do something

    Parents will be happy when their child/s wants to do something not being forced. And the stress will be forced on to the children they will be thought to get As or Bs they should have a choice, i think they will get stressed out because they dont have a choice

  • Students Don't Need to Be Forced.

    -I think that students should have a choice. By forcing the students to do a fine arts class you could be making students dislike something they were fine not thinking about.
    -Those who do not want to be there at all thought would be creating an unhappy learning environment for the students who really want to be there. Imagine if there was a student who hates the arts and does not want to be in a fine arts class. By being miserable in the environment he could be making the students who really want to be there feel grumpy.
    -Students who are looking forward to middle school may start to resent it because of this. You can’t force a student to believe a certain thing.

  • Let them choose

    I say tat it is okay to keep the fine art program but tot should only be for the kids who really wanna do this. If not you have kids who don't care and make the class hard and boring for the kids who are really going to try and learn this art .

  • The fine arts can be there but students should have a choice instead of being forced to do it.

    Not all kids are gonna want to be a musician some kids want to be something else but when its a required thing you would be wasting a students time because they wont use what they learned the classes if they don't want to do that stuff when they grow up.

  • It makes students feel bad about themselves

    I honestly am not good at art. However, my school forced me to take an art elective. I am literally the worst in my class and I dread going to class. The only reason I'm not failing and can graduate is that the teacher takes pity on me because I am trying my best, but my best is no match for anything. I feel badly about myself because I can't do anything right in that class. Electives should be something students enjoy, NOT something they dread and not something that makes them feel badly about themselves, that's why we have math.

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