Should fines be imposed for smoking in public place?

  • Cant condone murder

    Its a given fact that second hand smoke kills. There shouldnt be any debate. A public smoker should be arrested. This is a case of attempted murder and should be taken more seriously. There arent any positive aspects of public smoking except for supporting the multi billion dollar tobacco industry.

  • I agree with this...

    Smoking is injurious to your health. It causes cancer. Those who smoke they harm themselves but they harm our environment and non smokers also. Many people today suffer from asthma and they can not have just a little stroke but die. Smoking also causes pollution and people who smoke leave their cigarettes everywhere they can (on the ground, in the grass, on the plants.) No-no to smokers!
    Thank you.

  • Smoking is contaminating the air around us with toxic chemicals.

    Nicotine and other chemicals from cigarettes are proven to be very harmful to an individual's health, and while some adults may choose to put them into their bodies, they are also putting them chemicals into the bodies of others by contaminating the air. We all deserve clean air, free from chemicals and toxins, and for someone to purposely contaminate another persons air and possible risk someone's life or health (someone may have a severe breathing disorder or allergy) should be a crime. It is already against the law to inject someone with a substance without their approval, why should it be okay to do the same through the air they breathe?

  • Smoking should be banned in public places for three simple reasons.

    Firstly, it poses an imminent and unavoidable health risk to those that are innocent bystanders who do not have a choice. Secondly, it sets a bad example for others. Impressionable teenagers, for example, assume this is a "cool adult" thing to do and therefore they may want to try it. Finally, it's a fire hazard and an environmental strain!

  • Yes, I believe fines should be imposed for smoking in public places.

    Research has shown that second-hand smoke kills as well. I do not think it's fair for others to inhale smoke because I am smoking. The habit I choose should only affect me, so smoking in public is a hazardous to other people's health. This especially affects those with breathing problems. I grew up with asthma, and it got pretty bad when I was around someone who was smoking. We should fine others who decide to smoke around others and expose them to the smoke.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • I agree that fines should be imposed on those who smoke in public, because they are putting other people at risk.

    I agree that fines should be imposed on those who smoke in public. If a person chooses to smoke, and accepts the risks to their health and well-being, then that is their personal choice. But, others should not have to be exposed to second-hand smoke, while enjoying public areas.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • I do believe that police should issue fines for smoking in public places where smoking is banned.

    If fines are not imposed on illegal behavior, then there is little to discourage it. In public places, where smoking is prohibited, such as pubic buildings, playgrounds and schools, these rules should be enforced. Parents really hate taking their kids to public playgrounds where other adults and teenagers are smoking. It poses a health risk to the children. If smoking has been banned in the public place, then enforce the law and fine folks for doing it. It would make the playgrounds so much more pleasant.

    Posted by: MeatyClarence70
  • I believe that smoking in public places endangers the health of all people in the public area, and endangering people's health warrants a fine.

    For those who smoke, freedom to act upon their own desires sounds reasonable. However, upon considering the negative impact to the health of others the rationale begins to crumble. Virtually any other action that puts others in danger, such as reckless driving or careless aiming of a gun, results in a fine or imprisonment. Smokers in public places ought to suffer similar consequences.

    Posted by: ButEasy
  • I think fines should be imposed for smoking in public places to deter smokers from imposing their smoke on everyone else.

    I think fines should be imposed on smokers who insist on smoking in public places. It is well known that second-hand smoke is bad for people and, even if it wasn't, it's very annoying for non-smokers. Most smokers are polite enough to put out their cigarette after a friendly reminder, so this fine should only be imposed on the deliberately rude smokers who need an extra push to teach them how to behave.

    Posted by: tagapps
  • Because smoking in public is hazardous to the health of others, it should be illegal, with a fine attached to it.

    If I'm able to carry around a deadly weapon and use it at will with impunity, why wouldn't I do so? That is what public cigarette smoking is. It is the use of a deadly weapon with impunity. Not only does this weapon kill the person using it, it kills those around the person. For this reason, public smoking should not be tolerated, and should have a fine attached to it.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Smoking has been proved to retard Parkinson's.

    A reduced risk for Parkinson's disease (PD) among cigarette smokers has been observed consistently during the past 30 years. Look it up on the Internet. There have been massive studies on the subject. Long time smokers have a significantly lower PD rate then non-smokers. This needs to be considered when leveling fines. Another question, who receives the fine money and why?

  • Double standards are not acceptable

    I read a lot of comments on here about 2nd hand smoke which is a double standard. To all those who drive cars, you should be obliged to stop driving them in public. Taking into account carbon monoxide and the numerous other lethal gases that spew out of your exhaust pipes, its rather hypocritical of you to whinge about bit of second hand smoke when compared to the orders of magnitude your vehicle belches out. Either get a horse or get off your moral highground.

  • I do not think fines should be given for people who smoke in public.

    I do not think that fines should be given to people who are smoking in public. Smoking is a choice and should not be punishable by the government. Every time someone buys a pack or carton of cigarettes they are paying a very high amount of taxes which help fund things such as schools.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • No smoking is still a legal product.

    The response to smoking has gone too far. Cigarettes and cigars are legal products. It is absurd that it become illegal to use those products in public places. Certainly people should be considerate of those around them to avoid blowing the smoke on or towards them, but the products are legal and the use of them is still legal.

    Posted by: R43Shep

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