Should Finland made Finnish the only official language?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I think Swedish being the language is unfair

    I mean come on, seriously? This country f--king raped and oppressed Finland for years and years. I think it's only fair that Sweden give Finland everything back including their own language. It sucks that they have to have the language of someone who oppressed them for so flippin long. Lol

  • There should be no official language in any nation

    Official languages are just ways for bureaucracies to control people more thoroughly.

    There should be no official language in any nation.

    That being said, the official language in Finland is already Finnish.

    They also have an offocial Swedish language as well.

    They have both.

    Why should they be exclusionary with their neighbors? Historical oppression? If that motive were used to justify every decision, no nation would be able to cooperate with it's neighbors.

  • There should be a logically constructed common language

    English favors certain cultures over others. We should endeavor to create a language based on logical principles to allow for fast, efficient speech while eliminating any ambiguity over the relevant pragmatics of the speech from the language as much as possible. A constructed language in use in every country and designed for the easiest communication possible would make it easier for people in different parts of the world to talk to each other.

  • The English Language should be the primary language of European Union and Finland.

    In a globalised society we can not simply enjoy the idea of protectionism of the past. We must embrace many different cultures such as the English language which has simply become the de facto language of Europe and has a very strong presence in Finland after Finish and Swedish. There has been a gradual increase in English throughout the Scandinavian countries and Europe as a whole so we should embrace what will eventually become the dominant and then sole culture of Finland.

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