• They would be better

    In my opinion anything private Is run better. They would have competative sales. They could run like security companies where you choose what fire company you want. The fire companies would be more effective because they could probably buy better vehicles and equipment from the porit of having a buisness plus it would give a break on taxpayers. Poor people would also get service because think how businesses work they must create profit and compete so they would have ways of getting the poor to get buisness like any other buisness.

  • This is incredibly idiotic

    Commercialize fire companies? And if someone doesn't buy service let them die? I highly doubt the creator of this opinion thought this through. Turning fire companies into private corporations who make profit off of peoples lives. " Oh look, that woman is trapped in a burning house! Quick, get her ID and see if she is a customer!" "Wait, stop! Did that man pay for CPR!"

    I am literally slapping myself in the face right now. I cant believe this.

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