• Yes it is an act of VIOLENCE!!

    All these reasons are great and they do protect us, BUT they do harm us. Is everyone aware that there are many gun shooting all over the world? Even in America?

    If we ban firearms there would be less gun shootings. But on the other hand it is part of America's Amendments. I think we should be allowed arms under special conditions. You should have a gun if you are in the military, and should apply for one via the government. If you have crime records or known violence then you should not. If you have been know to steal then no. But, if you are know for earth friendly things and have never done something bad in your life then yes, you may have and arm.

    Also the government musty have resources form you friends supporting you and your request to bear an arm. This does not really stop the 2nd amendment and in this way you are being more safe and respectful of the world you live in!

  • No, it is a right to own a firearm

    It is a right in the Constitution to be able to own a firearm. We should not be banning all firearms. If owned correctly they do not pose a threat. We should ban any firearms that are more than a simple gun as they are not needed to be owned by anyone.

  • Firearms Should Not Be Banned

    No, firearms should not be banned in the united States as the Second Amendment guarantees a right to bear arms in order for a citizen to protect himself/herself and his/her property and family. Without the right to bear arms, only criminals and murderers would bear arms. Thus, citizens would be far less safe.

  • They Protect Us!

    Well, I have had many expiriences where I was so glad I could legally conceal a firearm. I was mugged in Philadelphia. I saved myself. Firearms put food on the table for some. They protect all. I have friends who are professional shooters. If firearms were banned then what would happen to them? It also says in our 2nd amendment that we have the right to keep and bear arms. It also says "THIS WILL NOT BE REMOVED"

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