• Fireworks are dangerous and a nuisance.

    Every year we read about all the people and animals injured because of fireworks displays. I'm not against a public display done by professionals who know what they're doing. But allowing the general public to set off fireworks is dangerous and irresponsible. In my neighborhood, there are probably a dozen homes/families where fireworks are set off - not just on July 4th or December 31st and not just for an hour on those days. It goes on for days at all hours. It seems like a handful of people hold the entire neighborhood hostage, keeping everyone awake all night because they feel like partying. I'm tired of not getting any sleep, I'm tired of my dog being scared all night and not being able to go outside, and I'm tired of cleaning up the debris in my yard. People who sell and use fireworks talk about their rights and their freedom. But what about the vast majority of the population who don't enjoy the noise and danger? It boggles my mind that we can have ordinances against disturbing the peace or endangerment but close our eyes when people want to shoot off their fireworks.

  • What is to debate??

    For me the answer is simple, aside from being a noise nuisance and terrifying our pets and wildlife, Fireworks are explosives with the potential to blow your arm off why on earth is this even being debated? Of course they should be illegal to be sold to the general public and used only in displays held by licensed professionals or at the very least be limited to one to two nights a year so we can prepare our selves, elderly relatives and animals.

  • Fireworks are Health Hazards

    Fireworks are health hazards because they start fires,scare people-including the elderly,who are at risk for heart attacks- and may trigger PTSD in military veterans(Fireworks are a type of explosive-in other words a bomb).

    Furthermore,people with autism experience distress when presented with a noise that is loud by normal standards-understandable given that their hearing is extraordinarily strong(as someone with autism I can say that the buzzing that comes from a supermarkets lights was loud enough,painful enough to send me into tears when I was younger).

    Finally-fireworks can come down anywhere.The smoldering remains of a firework may not be very dangerous if you're in your car or truck,but if you or your family or outside?Prepared to be burned. Imagine,your children or grandchildren playing outside at dusk during the summer.They throw a ball for the dog to catch.The dog catches the flaming ember of a firework instead.Or worse yet-the smoldering remains lands on a child,perhaps even taking out an eye,and leaving them badly burned.Even worse-the responsible party,the criminals who set off the fireworks,aren't held responsible for what just occurred.You,the child's parent or grandparent,or even aunt or uncle,are held responsible-even though you were perfectly in your rights to expect that the poor child would be safe playing in your backyard-especially since you were watching them.

    Fireworks are a health hazard,both to people and animals.

  • Fireworks should not be sold to the public.

    Fireworks are generally expensive and do nothing but harm to the environment. Not only does the smoke and fire released by these tubes of chemicals pollute the atmosphere layers, but the "civilized" Americans who generally burn these tend to leave their trash and firework remains on the streets and cause more pollution and contamination. The explosions and sparks torment pets but they don't let people sleep at night either. I don't see a reason why us Americans celebrate our independence by basically burning money down our drains, into the oceans, and up into the sky.

  • Ignorance personified. Prove me wrong.

    The only people that support consumer fireworks are typically simple minded ignorant low life that are incapable of any logical thinking. The same people that disturb their neighbors through other methods they think they have the right to practice. The consequences of what you do to others that don't intrude on your lives should be considered before the simplistic enjoyment these primitive displays produce.

  • Fireworks should only be for commercial events

    Here in Massachusetts it's illegal to have have fireworks, but yet ppl still get them, I'm sick and tired of hearing them go off every day from the begining of May to September, there's absolutely no need for them, it freaks out our pets, and wild animals, scares babies, and wakes people who have to get up early for work! It's needs to stop!

  • Fireworks are dangerous and pollute the air, land and water.

    I have been a fan of fireworks for a long time but recently I have come to the conclusion that we don't need to be spreading more pollutants on top of CO2 and other emissions that we are already spreading. As an environmentalist I believe it is our duty to take care of our country by limiting the use of things that pollute our air and pose as fire threats.

  • Injuries, cost, waste, torment!

    People suffering from PTSD can't deal with them going off, it can make them snap. Dogs end up tortured by the noise and lost from home. Emergency room visits from severe burns go way up. Nothing good comes from them, you are just blowing up your money and harming the environment!

  • Nothing About Them Is Good

    My main argument about fireworks is that they are overused and are extremely LOUD. Once in a while is ok, but people use fireworks in the middle of the night, when normal people are trying to sleep. It's annoying, unnecessary, and dangerous. I've seen people almost kill themselves (and others) using these stupid things. BAN ALL FIREWORKS!!!

  • Nothing Good Come From Fireworks

    Fireworks should be banned for individual use and should only be for commercial purposes only! Nothing good comes from fireworks- Animals are tormented, children and adults run the risk of getting burned and/or hurt, not to mention the environmental damage they leave behind. The are a waste of money and you might as well just set a pile of money on fire! Even with rules and restrictions, people still do what they want. Think hard.... There are many other ways to thank and celebrate those who have fought for the independence of this country.

  • Fireworks arent just for entertainment

    Fireworks are fun to do for birthday parties and many other fun events. They support the economy and with out them states would loose a lot of buisness and tje general aspect of awe from them. Most acidents from fireworks are arw from people miss useing them and not practing safety and respect for them

  • What has our world come to!!!

    Fire works are an american tradition even though they are dangerous with the right solution we could prevent harm! So there is no reason to ban an type of fireworks! Even if they are a danger to little kid then parents shouldn't let there kids play with them in the first place!!

  • What is this, Russia?

    You commie bastards better quit tryin to ban my good old American fun. This is what America is all about: Blowing ish up and making noise and celebrating. Fireworks are a part of American and shame on you New York for banning them. You were one of the original states too!

  • Fireworks should be legal

    Even though fireworks have the potentially to be dangerous, they should stay legal. There are lots of activities that can be potentially fatal and we can not eliminate all risk. From boating to race car driving to horseback riding, many John people engage in have inherent risk. To eliminate all activities that can be dangerous world be to leave us with much less full lives. There should be stiffer penalties for adults who are reckless and endanger children while using fireworks.

  • Of course not!

    First and foremost, it is a great time for families to get together. Hop in the car and see a firework show, light small sparklers in their backyard, or simply watch the amazing displays of colours from their bedroom window, it can be a memorable time for families to bond and get together for a while. If the families are careful and cautious with fireworks, which the majority of families are, it can be a safe and fun night for all of us. Would you like this fun time to be taken away from you?

  • If there hasn't been fires caused by fireworks before, why should we worry about it now?

    There has never been any major wildfires caused by firework shows in Colorado. 2012 was one of our driest years and there was no damage done by fireworks. And fireworks are a great part of life and they can bring joy to the eyes of people and they can make some people really happy

  • Fireworks should not be illegal!

    Fireworks are safer than the media makes them out to be. It's not the fireworks fault that children get hurt, its the parents who purchase them and not supervisor their kids when they light them! Also it's the people who decide to get drunk and use them, not the firework's!

  • No to fireworks!

    It's not worth the risk, especially here in CA where we in a drought. Also most people don't even bother to clean up after themselves, leaving a trail of fireworks debris. It's just better and safer to go and watch fireworks done by professionals such as those done by your local city.

  • As Long As You Use Common Sense

    Yeah, they should totally be illegal, I mean, Its not like you can just put the fire out, no, it would be a 100 Acre fire by the time you knew it started a fire. No, but really, Fireworks Should Not be illegal, as long as you make sure that wherever it landed (In The General Area That It Landed Or Exploded) there are no fires, orange smolders or anything that could obviously start a fire, and you do it in the safest area you can find in your general area. Just as long as you use common sense, they should not be illegal.

  • As Long As You Use Common Sense

    Yeah, they should totally be illegal, I mean, Its not like you can just put the fire out, no, it would be a 100 Acre fire by the time you knew it started a fire. No, but really, Fireworks Should Not be illegal, as long as you make sure that wherever it landed (In The General Area That It Landed Or Exploded) there are no fires, orange smolders or anything that could obviously start a fire, and you do it in the safest area you can find in your general area. Just as long as you use common sense, they should not be illegal.

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Tray40 says2015-10-31T22:55:33.987
I remember when I was growing up, you never seen people throwing fireworks at people for the funny of it. All those stupid teenagers throwing fireworks at people should get injured themselves or maybe their house should explored. It is absolutely disgusting they should be put in prison for life stupid idiots. Fireworks should only be used at events where you have to go and watch them being used properly.
Tray40 says2015-10-31T22:56:04.357
Ban fireworks.